15 Hilarious Pickleball Memes That Will Have You Laughing

Is there anything better in life than a funny pickleball meme? We don’t think so. Unfortunately, not every meme or joke can nail the pickleball humor that can tickle the funny bone of an avid pickleball player. Luckily, we’ve been able to compile some pickleball funny memes that we believe are the funniest ones to find anywhere on the internet, with each one of them bound to make you start laughing out loud. Below are 15 of the funniest ones we found, ranked from least to most funny on the pickleball humor spectrum.

#15 Tenis Players Trying Pickleball

pickleball meme 15

Ah yes, nothing better than a meme that pokes some harmless fun at tennis players. Any pickleball player who has ever played the sport with a tennis player will know that the first thing a tennis player plays when swinging a pickleball paddle is either “why is it so heavy?” or “why is it so big?”

The funny thing? Tennis rackets are actually bigger than pickleball paddles, but they are lighter because of the different materials used for both.

#14: Pickleball Players Winning the Lottery

pickleball meme 14

This one’s more of a relatable picture than a joke, because all of us have dreamt of having a pickleball court in our backyard that we could use to play with our friends whenever we wanted.

After all, finding a pickleball court is much harder than finding a basketball or tennis court, and because of this, it gets rather annoying trying to find a suitable place to play our beloved sport. Mansion? Cars? Nope, we’re buying a pickleball court if we win the lottery.

#13: Married Couples that Play Pickleball Together

pickleball meme 13

This one’s for all you couples out there that play pickleball together, especially as partners. Pickleball can get really infuriating and competitive, and because of that it has started many arguments in the past.

Of course, they haven’t led to couples needing marriage counseling (at least none that we’ve heard of), but it’s still a funny pickleball meme because of the relatability

#12: Losing a Game of Pickleball

pickleball meme 12

Pickleball might just be a game when we’re winning, but it’s the same as war when we’re losing, and even worse if we actually end up losing. We can all relate to feeling especially devastated after a close game. So much so that we spend the entire day sulking.

#11: Are you Sure you Aren’t in the Kitchen?

pickleball meme 11

This one was the most relatable for us because every time a pickleball match is being played without a coach or outside party overlooking the player positions, it’s close to impossible to determine whether the opposite player is in the kitchen or not. Have to REALLY squint our eyes.

#10: “Hey, Have You Heard of Pickleball?”

pickleball meme 10

“Hey, have you heard of pickleball?” “Hey, have you ever played pickleball?” “Hey, you want to play some pickleball with me?”

If you’ve ever asked even one of these questions to your non pickleball playing friends, then this meme definitely applies to you.

#9: Tennis is Cool, but Pickleball is Better

pickleball meme 9

Yeah, tennis is cool and all. But pickleball though? Pickleball players just can’t help but compare the two sports. After all, they’re just so similar. We all know which sport is superior though, right?

#8: Nothing’s More Important Than a Pickleball Plan

pickleball meme 8

Out of all the pickleball memes on this list, if you’re someone who plans pickleball dates with your friends, then this will be the most relatable and funny pickleball meme for you. No matter what happens, everyone knows you just can’t miss weekend pickleball.


pickleball meme 7

No matter if you’re playing with a new pickleball player, or someone who’s a champion at the sport, you can’t help but panic a little when you see your teammate going for a ball that’s about to go out. Can’t ever be too sure, am I right?

#6: Variety? What’s That?

pickleball meme 6

As a wise person once said. Once you go pickle, you can’t go backle (or something like that). The fact of the matter is that once you try pickleball and get into the sport, it’s close to impossible for anyone to even try a different sport. It’s just that addictive.

#5: Did Somebody Say Pickleball?

pickleball meme 5

What makes this pickleball meme so funny is how true it is. So few people play the sport that you can’t hear but have your ears perk up at the mere mention of the sport. If you even know about the sport then you’re my new best friend.

#4: No Gasdeater Joy than This

pickleball meme 4

There are barely any pickleball courts in the world, so when a new court opens in our area, even if it’s a tennis court, we just can’t help but do the crab dance (even if most of us do it in our mind)

#3: Wait, That’s Illegal

pickleball meme 3

Drop shots in pickleball are like water in a desert. They barely come, but when they do they’re the best feeling ever. That’s why when someone hits your drop shot back is one of the most mind-boggling feelings there is.

#2: Even Weeks Feel like Years

pickleball meme 2

If you’re someone who only gets to play pickleball every once in a while, then this might be the funniest pickleball meme for you yet. After all, it’s wild how easily we tend to tire out after not having played pickleball in a while.


pickleball meme 1

It’s 2023 everyone, how do some people still not know about pickleball? This isn’t just a funny pickleball meme, but something that we pickleball players have to experience all the time when someone asks us about our favorite sport and then says they haven’t even heard of it before.

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