Pickleball Rankings, Ratings & Skill Levels Pickleball Explained

You must have wondered about “what's pickleball rating” really is when you are a regular player in the sport of pickleball. Whether you are a member of a local pickleball club, a pickleball clinic, or someone who wants to compete in a professional tournament, you must understand and understand the rules of the game.

Pickleball Rankings, Ratings & Skill Levels Pickleball Explained

What Are The Pickleball Ratings?

Pickleball ratings are used to specify a player’s standard or level of play. The standards or rating levels range from level 1.0 to level 5.0, with level 1.0 being the most basic and level 5.0 being the most advanced.

For tournaments, rating levels are used to match players of similar abilities. The Aiken Pickleball community organizes open play times based on player ratings to encourage similarly skilled players to play together. Some tournaments also divide into age and ability groups.


When you play against people of your skill level, Pickleball is enjoyable. If you continue to blow other teams out 11-2, 3-4, or 4-1 every time you play, neither the losing nor winning team will have much fun.

Also, pickleball ratings range by 1.0 over 6.0, besides a 1.0 skill level typically used for beginners. While the skill level 6.0 is more for top pickleball players matches.

3 Methods For Rating Or Ranking Your Pickleball Abilities

Beginners and casual players may only be aware of general pickleball player skill levels, but players who compete in tournaments are aware of USAPA rating systems.

Skill levels are the easiest way to evaluate yourself based on your performance. Pickleball skill levels are used in local clubs to connect with newcomers and beginners. Skill levels are the easiest way to evaluate yourself based on your performance. Pickleball skill levels are used in local clubs to connect with newcomers and beginners.

If these local clubs also implement a pickleball ranking system or rating system, beginners and recreational players will be denied the opportunity to play pickleball.

Pickleball Ratings


When you play in a pickleball tournament, you will be asked to review your pickleball rating so that you will be able to compete with the right skill division when you will be competing. “Definition of Player Skill Ranking” from USAPA explains the specific skills required for a player to reach each level. When pickleball self-rating, make sure to consult their website and documentation. Also, using the Player Skill Ratings Definitions and advice from others, you can get a very close estimate of your pickleball rating.

USA Pickleball Tournament Player Ratings


usap player skill rating definitions

The Player Rating for the USA Pickleball Tournament (UTPR), also known as player ratings for the USAPA Pickleball Tournament, is a rating system developed by USA Pickleball to help specify a pickleball player’s skill level. The UTPR’s primary goal is to keep pickleball players by “sandbagging.” or playing below their skill level to win a medal.

For pickleball players, the UTPR is thought to be more accurate than self-rating. Because it is only accessible to tournament pickleball participants, many entertainment pickleball participants might be without a UTPR or must rely solely on self-rating.

Dynamic Universal Pickleball Ratings

how dupr works

The final pickleball rating is less common and newer than self-ratings or UTPRs. This new system is known as Pickleball Dynamic Universal Ratings or DUPR. It is the approved scoring system of the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA). The DUPR differs from the UTPR in several ways. The first is that DUPR covers all matches, including recreational games, this is usually as opposed to UTPR, which only covers tournament play. Second The first difference between DUPR and UTPR is that DUPR covers all matches, including recreational games, whereas UTPR only covers tournament play. Third, DUPR gives a higher weight to the softer partner’s level of skill in doubles pickleball, based on the idea that the weaker player will get more balls or shots. Finally, unlike the UTPR, which has a mixed rating as well as a sexual identity doubles score, DUPR only has one rating.

General Pickleball Skill Levels

Beginner Pickleball Players

If you are new to pickleball are referred to as a beginner. These players may have no prior experience with racket sports such as tennis or badminton. Generally, novice pickleball players will include ratings of 3.0 pickleball players and below. Pickleball players have a basic understanding of pickleball rules and strategy and some basic strokes, these include serves, returns, moderate speed drives, and dinks. However, it is limited by stability and power.

Intermediate Pickleball Players

Intermediate players are those who have participated in other racket sports and have a good understanding of the game. Some players regularly play with novice or beginner players, while those who want to learn more prefer advanced players. Moreover, players of this level were in intermediate tiers that were generally at the 3.5 until 4.0 rank. These pickleball players usually have a good understanding of rules and strategy and are equipped with forehand and backhand strokes, this also includes drops, backhands, and volleys. It usually has a consistently moderate number of faults of its own.

Advanced Pickleball Players

Pickleball advanced players have mastered the ability to execute various shots. These players also have experience in other racket sports. Advanced players are students who want to advance and compete in tournaments. These pickleball players with a rating of 4.5 and above are considered advanced pickleball players. This advanced pickleball player is well versed in pickleball rules and strategy and has commanded with all strokes on the pickleball field, this is also limited to a number of his faults.

Pickleball Rankings

Pickleball world rankings

Pickleball World Rankings

The launch of the pickleball world rankings has been in 2021 by the Pickleball Tournament. Or it can be accessed on WPR. The Pickleball world rankings assert that it is the “gold standard” for pickleball professional rankings. The Pickleball world rankings classify pickleball players based on their performance at major pickleball competitions across the nation, such as the US National Pickleball Championship, US Open Pickleball Championship, Tournament of Champions, and various championships on the PPA and APP trips, the two tours are the two main trips in this sport.

Pickleball global rankings

Pickleball Global provides the Pickleball global rankings. The Pickleball global rankings are based on a player’s 12 best tournaments from the earlier year. Pickleball’s global ranking differs in that it is based on age and based solely on points earned from matches won. This means that pickleball players are not punished for scoring bad matches.

APP Rankings

App Rankings list

The Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) is a pickleball world championship tour for both professionals and novices. Both professional and amateur pickleball players are ranked by the APP based solely on their performance in APP Tour events. The APP Standings List is the ranking list for the APP Tour.

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PPA Rankings

The Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) is a pickleball tournament tour that caters to both professional and amateur pickleball players. The PPA ranks professional pickleball players solely on their performance in PPA Tour events. The PPA Player Rankings are the PPA Tour’s rankings.

USA Pickleball Rankings

The UTPR is not intended to rank pickleball players, so USA Pickleball does not have pickleball rankings. USA Pickleball, on the other hand, has publicly stated that pickleball rankings “will be available very soon.”

How To Get Rated In Pickleball?

Usually, in pickleball tournaments, you as a participant are asked to rate yourself your rating. This is with the aim that you can compete with the appropriate divisions and skills when the tournament will take place.

dupr ratings clinics

If you still don’t know how you found your pickleball rankings, you can discuss with Pickleball’s official rating (UTPR). Then, when you have a USA Pickleball membership’s “official” rating will be adjusted according to the results from PickleballTournaments.com tournaments, the official sanctioned tournament software, which is used. As you participate in more tournaments, your rating will improve. When you become a USA Pickleball member, your Tournament Player Ratings (UTPR) are available in your profile on usapickleball.org. So, you can specify your pickleball ratings.


As discussed above, pickleball skill levels are indeed useful for players who want to enter tournaments. However, as you compete in tournaments, your ratings will become much more objective and useful for comparing skill levels with others. However, as with all systems, there are limitations in terms of accuracy.

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