TOP 6 Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners in 2023

You might have watched a pickleball match recently and now want to play the game yourself. And to do that, you might be planning on buying the best pickleball paddles for beginners. Or you might have heard of pickleball from a friend and now you have the FOMO. No doubt, you need a top-notch but easy-to-use paddle to get a hang of the game. To find the best paddle, you would have to do extensive research, which can take a lot of time. Therefore, I have created the ultimate list of the best paddles that are ideal for newbie. To ease your research process, I have also created a buying guide. In this guide, I have explained the factors you must look for in a beginner's paddle.

TOP 6 Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners in 2023

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Quick Comparison Pickleball Paddles

Product imageProduct nameEditor's RatingPrice
Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Editor Rating : 4.8Check Price
4.8Check Price
SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

Editor Rating : 4.4Check Price
4.4Check Price
Amazin' Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Editor Rating : 4Check Price
4Check Price
GAMMA Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddles

GAMMA Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddles

Editor Rating : 3.8Check Price
3.8Check Price
ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

Editor Rating : 3.8Check Price
3.8Check Price
Franklin Sports Pro Pickleball Paddle

Franklin Sports Pro Pickleball Paddle

Editor Rating : 3.8Check Price
3.8Check Price

Pickleball Buyer’s Guide for Beginners

Are you new to the sport pickleball but unsure which paddle will work best for you? Not all paddles are created equal. This guide will help you learn about the different aspects to consider when purchasing a paddle.

Weight of Pickleball Paddle

One of the first things to consider when choosing a paddle is its weight. The weight of the paddle can significantly affect your game, influencing both control and power.

Categorization of Weight

There are three main categories of weight when it comes to the pickleball paddles. These are;

  • Lightweight Paddles

A lightweight paddle can weigh around 6-7 ounces, making it easier to handle and swing with control. For beginners who have not played racket sports before or juniors trying their hands at the game, these paddles tend to be ideal as they make it easier to hit slower shots with better consistency.

  • Midweight Paddles

Mid-weight paddles are suitable for individuals who require additional power but don’t want extra strain on their arm because heavy paddles can cause fatigue over time. They usually weigh between 7-8 ounces. Offer a balance of power and control. They are a popular choice among players of all skill levels.

  • Heavyweight Paddles

Any paddle that weighs more than 8.5 ounces comes under the umbrella of the heavyweight paddles. Deliver powerful shots but may sacrifice some control.

Heavyweight paddles are for individuals who prefer insane power. So, heavyweight paddles are not the best option for newbie or for those who don’t have physical strength, they are typically preferred by more experienced players.

Why Does the Weight of Pickleball Paddle Matter?

The weight of a paddle is considered an important factor when buying a paddle. It can change how much you enjoy the game.

If you choose a heavier paddle for yourself, you’ll find it difficult to enjoy the game. With the heavy paddle, you would be focused on hitting as it requires a large strength.

The paddle with a large weight will be heavier on your arm and will make it harder for you to keep up with your opponent. A light paddle, on the other hand, will be easier for a newbie to handle but can cause wrist strain if used for too long.

Also, every player has a different physique and different build of the body. Therefore people with more strength will find it easy to use heavier paddles.

Material of the Pickleball Paddles

There are various types of pickleball paddles in the market. These paddles are composed of different materials.

Difference Between Graphite and Fiberglass Paddles

Graphite is known for its stiffness; it provides better control with less impact shock when hitting due to its ability not to bend much upon contact. However, that rigidity makes these paddles less forgiving when you mistime your hit. On the other hand, fiberglass seems to be more flexible and warmer than graphite which means greater response.

Which Materials Are Commonly Used to Make Pickleball Paddle Surfaces?

Polymer composites made out of high-quality foam-like material are becoming prominent in pickleball manufacturing due to durability and impeccable playability experience. Graphite hybrids include a fusion of other substances such as carbon fiber layers or honeycomb structures for added strength at lower weights alongside edges staying covered by bumpers made from similar materials applied underneath clear coatings for improved aesthetics.

What is the Core of a Pickleball Paddle?

The core of a pickleball paddle is the inner part of the paddle that absorbs the impact. It plays a crucial role in determining the paddle’s performance characteristics, including its power, control, and sound.

It’s often best to start with a lighter paddle core made from a softer material. This will allow them to practice their strokes and control the speed of their shots. As you become more advanced, it would be easy to upgrade to a paddle with a denser core made from harder materials.

This will give more power and spin to the shots. It’s important to keep in mind that the core of your pickleball paddle can also affect its weight, so be sure to choose one that is comfortable to use. With the right paddle core, you’ll be able to make the most of your pickleball game.

What Material is Used to Make the Core of the Paddle?

The core of a pickleball paddle is typically made of Nomex, polymer, aluminum, or wood.

The most common core material used in pickleball paddles today is a honeycomb composite that is made up of a combination of foam and polymer material.

This type of core is lightweight, durable, and provides good power, control for beginners and experienced players alike. The foam and polymer materials also help to absorb vibration and impact, providing a softer feel when the paddle makes contact with the object.

Other materials such as graphite, aluminum, and wood can also be used to make the core of a pickleball paddle, but due to the cost, weight, and performance, these materials are less commonly used today.

What is the Best Option for a Beginner: Thin or Thick Core?

When it comes to pickleball paddles, the core is one of the most important factors to consider. A thick core is generally more durable, while a thin core is more lightweight and offers better control.

But for you who’s a beginner, what is the best option? The truth is that the best option will depend on your choices. If you’re looking for maximum control, a thin core is the way to go.

The lighter weight will help you move the paddle around quickly. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a durable paddle, a thicker core is the way to go.

To summarize, it’s your choice to decide which core type is best for your needs. Whichever option you choose, always make sure to pick a pickleball paddle with a quality core material. That way, you can be sure your paddle will last for years to come!

Grip Sizes of the Pickleball Paddle

This is an important factor to consider when choosing a pickleball paddle. A grip size that is too large or too small can lead to muscle soreness and poor control, so it’s important to find the right fit.

If you’re just starting, you should look for a pickleball paddle with a standard size. This will give you more control over the paddle and allow you to place shots more accurately.

For more advanced players, a smaller size is recommended. This helps give them a more powerful stroke. However, it is better to experiment with different sizes.

Ultimately, the best grip size is the one that allows you to play the game at the highest level of comfort and performance. All in all, you can optimize your game and improve your pickleball skills with a good grip.

How to Measure Your Grip Size?

Determining the right grip size for your pickleball paddle is crucial for comfort and control. There are two effective methods to measure your size: the Ruler Test and the Paddle Test.

  1. Ruler Test:
    1. Open your dominant hand with your palm facing up and fingers extended.
    2. Identify the bottom lateral crease on your palm, which is the middle of the three creases.
    3. Align a ruler with the bottom lateral crease and measure the distance to the tip of your ring finger.
    4. The measurement you get is your ideal size.
  2. Paddle Test:
    1. Find a pickleball paddle with a known size.
    2. Hold the paddle with an Eastern Forehand Grip, where the palm of your hand should be placed against the same bevel as the string face on the racquet.
    3. Insert the index finger of your other hand in the gap between the ends of your fingers and the palm of your hand.
    4. If there isn’t enough room for your index finger, then the grip is too small. If there is a lot of space between your fingers and palm, then the grip is too large.

Pickleball grip sizes typically range from 4 inches to 5 inches, with the most common size being 4.25 inches. It’s best to consult with a pickleball instructor or retailer.

What Grip Size is Great for Beginners?

Choosing the right size is a crucial step for newbie in pickleball. The best grip is the one that feels most comfortable and allows you to control the game effectively. However, determining the perfect grip size depends on several factors, including your hand size, playing style, and personal preference.

Here are some tips to help you find the right grip:

  • Measure your hand: Open your hand with the palm facing up, place a ruler against the bottom lateral crease (the middle of the three creases), and measure the distance to the tip of your ring finger. This measurement, typically between 4 and 5 inches.
  • Try different sizes: Once you have a basic idea of your hand size, try out different sizes. Many pickleball paddles have adjustable sizes. Start with the smallest size and gradually increase until you find a size that feels comfortable.
  • Consider your playing style: You might want to start with a slightly larger size for better control over the game. As you gain more experience, you can experiment with different sizes to find the perfect balance between control and power.
  • Personal preference matters: Ultimately, the best size is the one that feels most comfortable to you. There’s no universally correct answer, so feel free to experiment until you find a size that suits you.

Here are some popular sizes for pickleball:

  • 4 inches: This is the smallest size available and is suitable for newbie with small grip or those seeking maximum control.
  • 4 ⅛ inches: This is a medium size, suitable for players who are new to the game and have average grip.
  • 4 ¼ inches: This is the largest size available, suitable for beginners with large grip or those seeking more power.

Remember, grip isn’t the only factor that affects your control and power in pickleball. The shape of the paddle head, the weight of the paddle, and your playing style also play significant roles. If you’re struggling with consistency, don’t hesitate to experiment with different paddles until you find one that feels comfortable and enhances your gameplay.

Edge Guard

The edge guard is a protective frame around the edge of the paddle. It protects the paddle from damage and extends its lifespan. However, it can also slightly reduce the paddle’s sweet spot, the area on the paddle that provides the most power and control when hitting.

6 Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

You might have searched for the best pickleball paddles for beginners on a search engine. But you might have received dozens of paddles and every company is claiming that theirs is the best.

So keep in mind all of the aspects that I mentioned earlier and find the best pickleball paddle to get started.

Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Dimensions L x W x H‎13.5 x 7.9 x 0.59 inches
Item Weight‎8 Ounces
Grip Size‎4.8 inches
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Frame MaterialCarbon Fiber/Graphite
Warranty Description1 year

I recently got my hands on the Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Paddle, I am quite satisfied with my purchase. The paddle is surprisingly lightweight yet has a good amount of power. I found it effortless to maneuver and was able to make consistent shots even when trying out different techniques during practice. This comes with a sweet spot that’s quite generous, which improved accuracy in my groundstrokes.

The honeycomb core of the paddle gives me enough stability, while the cushioned grip handle provides me with an excellent firm hold even during sweaty matchups. The grip is perforated and absorbent, making it possible for long match play without any fatigue setting in. The honeycomb core also enhances the power and control of the paddle.

I have used these paddles for around 30-40 sessions of two hours or more, and they still look and feel like new! The sizing of the paddle has a good balance between control and power hitting with comfortable handling, making it perfect for beginners like me.

While the balls that came with the set were not of great quality and broke quickly, I am pleased overall with my purchase. It is an affordable option that performs well on the court regardless of whether you are practicing your soft shots or doing hard spikes.

If you are hesitant about investing too much money into your hobby just yet or just looking for an entry-level option sporting good product that can improve your gameplay overall – then this graphite pickleball paddle may be worth considering. The Niupipo Paddle Set comes with four balls and a bag as well, making it a convenient package if you are also looking to try other racket options shortly afterward.

Overall, I confidently recommend giving this pickleball paddle a try regardless if you’re starting or taking your skills up from beginner levels to intermediate ones. It provides excellent value for money based on its quality build material design durability for guaranteed game improvement experiences and player satisfaction! With thousands receiving positive word-of-mouth reviews from users globally, it’s easy to see why.



✔️ Lightweight
✔️ Generous sweet spot
✔️Good balance between control and power
✔️Honeycomb core provides stability
✔️Cushioned grip handle for a firm hold
❌ Low-quality balls included in the set
❌ The case is not up to the expected quality

My Rating the Niupipo Paddle

  • Durability: 4.5/5
  • Material: 5/5
  • Forgiveness: 5/5
  • Size: 5/5
  • Lightweight: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4.8/5
Selkirk SLK Neo Pickleball Paddles

Selkirk SLK Neo Pickleball Paddles

Dimensions L x W x H16 x 2.3 x 7.8 inches
Item Weight‎1.1 Pounds
Grip Size4 1/4 inches
Frame MaterialGraphite
Shaft MaterialGraphite

I must say that the Selkirk SLK Neo Pickleball Paddles caught my eye due to their unique multilayer face technology that combines high-power graphene with Fiber Glass control, resulting in an excellent pickleball paddle perfect for beginners like me. With its 7.5-ounce weight, these paddles are lightweight but manage to strike a balance between lightweight and medium-weight paddles.

What I love most about these paddles is the Ultra-Comfort Grip material used, designed to absorb sweat and reduce the impact felt on my hands when handling the paddle. It’s incredibly comfortable and helps me play consistently without fatigue even after extended gameplay.

After trying out other high-end brands of paddles recommended by seasoned players, I realized that purchasing these paddles was worth every cent invested. Although there might be other better paddle options for more experienced players looking for professional-grade equipment, these pickleball rackets are perfect for recreational players like me.

One con so far is that the plastic edges tend to become loose over time and make a clanking noise when hitting the ball on the edge. This sound can be irritating for some people, but it doesn’t affect gameplay in any way.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for beginner-friendly paddle sets that offer great value for money while providing excellent performance and comfort without breaking the bank account, then I highly recommend investing in the Selkirk SLK Neo Pickleball Paddles Set.



✔️ Lightweight design
✔️ Multilayer face technology
✔️ Ultra-comfort grip material
✔️ Large sweet spot
❌ Edges may become loose over time and create a clanking noise when hit
❌ Small sweet spot compared to other paddles in the same category

My Rating the Selkirk Paddle

  • Durability: 3/5
  • Material: 4/5
  • Forgiveness: 5/5
  • Size: 5/5
  • Lightweight: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.4/5
Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle

Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle

Dimensions L x W x H16.42 x 8.78 x 1.85 inches
Grip Size‎4 3/8 inches
Frame MaterialGraphite
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Item Weight1.85 Pounds

I was looking for an affordable and beginner-friendly paddle that would give me decent control, power, and spin. My search ended when I came across the Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Set, which includes two graphite paddles, four balls, and a mesh bag at a very reasonable price. Being a fan of tennis, I could easily tell that the quality of this paddle is superior to some of the cheaper ones out there.

The grip on this paddle is soft and comfortable, with good threading through the handle. It feels secure in my hand without causing any stress on my fingers or palm. When hitting, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t feel disconnected like some other paddles I’ve tried. The polymer core paired with a graphite face produces solid hits with minimal vibration.

The weight of this paddle is something to consider though – at 8.3 ounces – it may take some getting used to if you’re an average-strength player like myself. However, once I got used to it, it has helped me improve my game by hitting harder shots with more control. It’s definitely a great option for beginners to intermediate players who want to level up their skills without breaking the bank.

The value for money on this set is unbeatable – especially when compared to name brand paddles that cost much more. Despite being half the price of high-end paddles, this Amazin’ Aces set delivers impressive performance that can hold its own on any court – indoor or outdoor.

Overall, as someone who had little knowledge about pickleball paddles before trying this one out – I’m glad to say it’s been nothing but positive towards my game improvement and comfort during playtime. One disadvantage was that one customer review stated his racket broke after just two uses; however, there were no other complaints about durability from other customers so I highly recommend giving the Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Set a try if you’re looking for an affordable, beginner-friendly set that offers great performance!



✔️ Affordable price for a high-quality set
✔️ Great value-for-money
✔️ Beginner-friendly, can be used by intermediate level players
✔️ Solid hits with minimal vibration
✔️ Soft and comfortable grip with good threading through the handle
❌ May take some getting used to due to its weight
❌ Some concerns about durability from customer reviews (although this seems to be rare)

My Rating the Amazin’ Paddle

  • Durability: 4/5
  • Material: 4.5/5
  • Forgiveness: 4/5
  • Size: 4/5
  • Lightweight: 3.5/5
  • Overall: 4/5
Gamma 2.0 pickleball paddle

Gamma 2.0 pickleball paddle

Dimensions L x W x H15.75 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches
Grip Size4 inches
Frame MaterialGraphite
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Item Weight0.57 Pounds
Warranty Description‎1 Year Manufacturer Defect

Starting off with the durability of this paddle – some reviews have criticized it for being fragile or chipping easily, but after playing with this myself for several weeks now, I haven’t experienced any issues. The fiberglass face seems robust, and it’s held up well so far.

The material is what sets this paddle apart from others I’ve tried. It has a textured surface that provides excellent control for spin shots. The ball glides smoothly off of the surface, making it easy to manipulate your shots as needed.

One thing that stood out to me immediately was how comfortable the grip was. At four inches in circumference and five inches long, it fits my hand perfectly and allows me to maintain a confident hold on my paddle throughout gameplay. And weighing in at around eight ounces, it’s not too heavy but not too light either – just perfect.

In terms of performance, this paddle exceeds expectations. It offers both power and control thanks to its aramid honeycomb core. When hitting balls with this paddle, there’s a satisfying pop that comes from deep within- something I really appreciate as a player.

While there are some minor drawbacks such as needing more power behind your shot compared to other options and slighting missing hits resulting in lost points; this paddle is still excellent value for money considering its quality at a mid-range price point.

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly option with an affordable price tag then maybe look elsewhere due to a steep learning curve associated with getting good consistency in shots (especially dink shots). However, those who’ve been playing pickleball for a while will find their sweet spot with this paddle.



✔️ Durable textured fiberglass face provides excellent control for spin shots
✔️ Comfortable 4-inch circumference grip size fits the hand well
✔️ Weighs around eight ounces, providing a good balance between power and control
✔️ Aramid honeycomb core offers a satisfying pop when hitting the ball
❌ Requires more power behind your shot compared to other options
❌ Smaller sweet spot than advertised, making it less forgiving on less accurate hits
❌ The fiberglass face can produce wrist feedback for some players.
❌ Exterior material can chip or become damaged with regular use.

My Rating the Gamma 2.0 Paddle

  • Durability: 3/5
  • Material: 4/5
  • Forgiveness: 3/5
  • Grip Size: 5/5
  • Lightweight: 4/5
  • Overall: 3.8/5
ONIX Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

ONIX Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Dimensions L x W x H‎18 x 11 x 3 inches
Item Weight‎0.51 Pounds
Frame MaterialCarbon Fiber
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Grip Size4 1/4 inches
Warranty Description‎1 year limited

The paddle’s tennis handle shape not only provides great spin and control but also makes it extremely comfortable to hold for extended periods of playtime. The shape of the paddle also matches the shape of the ball, creating a smooth contact.

At first glance, the weight of the paddle gave me some concern as it falls in the range of 7.5-8.2 lbs, but those concerns were quickly put to rest once I started playing with it. The added heft offered precision movements while giving me adequate power when needed. The pop sound when I hit the sweet spot is quite satisfying too. The shape of the sweet spot is also generous, covering most of the paddle surface.

The Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle is perfect for any skill level from beginner through to advanced players due to its amazing ball control because of its unique Nomex honeycomb core. Compared with some other paddles I’ve borrowed this one has an ample firm face that provides good power and speed off your shots while still being relatively quiet.

The best part about this product is its durability; I’ve been playing with it for a while now, and I see no signs of wear or damage yet despite using it every day for several hours during practice matches.

Overall, the ONIX Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is beginner-friendly that offers high-quality performance at an excellent price point making this paddle worth every penny invested. Although similar paddles cost more than twice what you’ll pay for this gem, you’d be foolish not to try this one out ant yours today!



✔️ Lightweight design for improved maneuverability
✔️ Graphite carbon fiber paddle surface provides good ball speed and power
✔️ Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance
✔️ Comfortable grip handle promotes better shot accuracy and control
❌ Some players may find the grip to be too small or uncomfortable for their hands
❌ The paddle’s firm face may make it less forgiving for beginners or those who lack experience with pickleball
– The loud “pop” sound when hitting the sweet spot might be offputting for some players.

My Rating the ONIX Paddle

  • Durability: 4/5
  • Material: 4/5
  • Forgiveness: 3/5
  • Grip Size: 4/5
  • Lightweight: 4/5
  • Overall: 3.8/5
Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle

Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle

Dimensions L x W x H20.91 x 10 x 1.3 inches
Grip Size‎5.6 inches
Weight‎0.28 Kilograms
Warranty Description‎90 Day Limited

I was on the hunt for a quality paddle that would last well and improve my game. I stumbled upon the Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle, designed by pro Ben Johns, and decided to give it a go. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Firstly, the paddle feels great in hand – comfortable and not too heavy. The grip is sturdy and easy to hold onto even throughout extended play sessions. The MaxGrit technology really makes a difference, allowing for superb precision and control over the ball’s spin and movement.

I have been playing with this paddle around three times a week for several months now, and I am yet to experience any wear or degradation in its surface layer. While some other buyers reported that the grit wears off quickly, I believe this may come down to personal preferences in terms of pressure when hitting shots.

Overall, I feel like this paddle is an excellent purchase for beginners right up to pros who want something with finesse and power. It’s reasonably priced compared to many other high-end options on the market while still providing superb quality.

While some people may prefer thicker cores – particularly those who prioritize control above all else – I found that the 13mm polypropylene core provided effortless shot-making that improves my performance each time I step onto the court.

For anyone looking for an affordable middle-ground option that offers professional-level performance alongside its durability, then I wholeheartedly recommend giving this Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle a try. You won’t be disappointed!



✔️ Excellent grip and weight balance
✔️ MaxGrit technology provides better precision and control over shots
✔️ 13mm polypropylene core delivers effortless shot-making
✔️ Large sweet spot in the center for better contact and control
✔️ Good value for money compared to other high-end paddles on the market
❌ Some users have noted that the grip wears off after a few months
❌ A few players have reported dead spots forming on the face of the paddle after a few months of regular use. However, this isn’t something I’ve experienced yet.
❌ May not be suitable for those who prefer thicker cores that offer more power and control

My Rating the Franklin’s Paddle

  • Durability: 3/5
  • Material: 4/5
  • Forgiveness: 4/5
  • Grip Size: 4/5
  • Lightweight: 4/5
  • Overall: 3.8/5

How do I choose a pickleball paddle for beginners?

For beginners, it's recommended to opt for a midweight pickleball paddle, which falls between 7.3 and 8.5 ounces. This weight class provides a good balance for beginners. Lighter paddles, weighing 7.3 ounces or less, offer better control, while heavier paddles, weighing more than 8.5 ounces, provide more power.

How do I choose pickleball paddle weight?

The ideal weight for a beginner's pickleball paddle is in the midweight range, between 7.3 and 8.3 ounces. This weight offers a good balance of paddle speed, control, and power. If you prefer more agility and control, go for a lightweight paddle, which is 7.3 ounces or less. For more power, choose a heavier paddle, which is 8.3 ounces or more.

How do I know what size pickleball paddle I need?

To determine the correct grip size for your pickleball paddle, you can use the Ruler Test. Align a ruler parallel to your ring finger, with one end of the ruler in line with the second crease at the bottom of your palm. The length from the tip of your ring finger to the bottom lateral crease of your palm is your paddle grip size.

How to compare pickleball paddles?

When comparing pickleball paddles, consider the type of facing used and the thickness of the core. For a power-focused paddle, look for one with a thinner poly core and a fiberglass face. If control is your priority, opt for a paddle with a thicker poly core and a carbon fiber or graphite face.


I hope that you could find the best pickleball paddle for yourself and get started. Every company tries to add different features to their paddles to make them unique.

But as a newbie, you must purchase the one that has the optimum weight, core, and grip size. I congratulate you for starting this new journey and hope that you’ll love this game. Happy Pickleballing!

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