Pickleball vs Tennis: Major Difference between Pickleball and Tennis

Nowadays, maybe you have often heard about pickleball and tennis. If you've ever been a tennis player, maybe you'll also like the game of pickleball which is no less fun. Moreover, this game can be played by anyone. The game is the same as using a racket but there are still some differences between them. What is the distinction between pickleball and tennis?

Pickleball vs Tennis: Major Difference between Pickleball and Tennis

The Major Differences Between Tennis vs Pickleball

Before going into detail about the differences between pickleball and tennis, here are some of the major distinctions between pickleball and tennis. Such as:

  • Pickleball has a fairly wild tempo swing compared to tennis.
  • On both sides of a pickleball court, there is a non-volley zone known as “the kitchen.”
  • The ball on a pickleball doesn’t bounce too high like tennis balls.
  • Pickleball courts are smaller than tennis courts.
  • Tennis rackets have strings, whereas pickleball paddles have a smooth flat surface.
  • In pickleball, each server is limited to one serve.
  • In serving pickleball, when the ball is served, the receiving team must let the ball bounce before returning it.
  • Pickleball strokes are very similar to tennis strokes.
  • When playing pickleball, you can strike angular shots with accuracy. If you enjoy angular shots in tennis, you will like them even more in pickleball because they’re more difficult to execute.

What Makes Pickleball Differ From Tennis?

The difference between pickleball and tennis can be significantly different. Then, what is the significant difference in difference in the ball, net, rules, paddle, and court?


The ball in pickleball is easily affected by the wind but this ball is just a Wiffle ball. Then, to fight this the ball you wear must be an outer ball made with a much smaller hole than a normal ball. So, when you play, the ball is not too affected by the wind.

Tennis balls are indeed easier to recognize by many people, these balls are usually covered by a layer of yellow fluorescent fiber. Rubber coated with a hollow interior that is encased with an air-filled underside. In addition, these balls have a diameter of 2.57′ and 2.7′ and weigh 1.98 or 2.1 ounces. Also, Because of their size, weight, and design, tennis balls have a lot of bounce and can be hit at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.

In pickleball, the ball is usually a glowing yellow color. In addition, this ball has a smooth surface and is equipped with 26 – 40 holes with the same distance between the holes. Also, this ball has a diameter of about 2.87′ – 2.98′ and it is slightly larger than a typical tennis ball. Also, these balls are much lighter than tennis balls. This is because the holes in the ball tend to be light and have fewer reflections that move at a slower speed. Indoor and outdoor pickleball have some differences, with open-air pickleball being heavier due to the existence of a protective layer.

pickleball equipments vs tennis equipments


Pickleball paddles and tennis equipment have a variety of forms, shades, and dimensions, although they are not the same. Tennis rackets get an angular face that enables air to pass along. Pickleball paddles are smaller than tennis racquets and have a closed, flat surface. To see what a USAPA-accepted pickleball paddle looks like, check out Devereux’s. Although if you compare pickleball and tennis equipment, tennis paddles get a different airflow surface than pickleball paddles.

However, the heads of a two sizes paddle and tennis racket differ, the grips are identical in shape and are typically covered in grip tape to improve control. The weight of the 2 kinds of equipment is similar.


Pickleball and tennis will not be as impactful as the difference in court size. A pickleball net is 36″ high at the posts and 34″ tall in the center. The tennis net is 36″ high at the center as well as 42″ at the positions. It means, although a tennis field can easily be converted into a pickleball court, the net usually has to be relocated. Utilizing the umbilical cord of the net to bring it down can carry it closer to the ball’s height, but the end will remain higher than required by the rules.


pickleball court dimension compare pickleball court tennis court

A basic tennis court measures 78 feet by 36 feet or 2,808 square feet. A pickleball court is typically 44 feet by 20 feet in size or 880 square feet. In other words, a pickleball court is considerably smaller. Pickleball enthusiasts, on the other hand, do not require a specially designed court to participate in the sport. Pickleball is often played on tennis courts, but with different lines. Due to space constraints, tennis cannot be played on a pickleball court.


The rules of pickleball are similar to tennis, but there are some notable differences. The court size of pickleball and tennis is a major difference. A standard pickleball field is usually 44 feet long by 22 feet wide. However, in tennis it is usually about 78 feet long by 36 feet wide, this is also typical for doubles. One of the most visible and challenging differences that you need to understand as a beginner is that the pickleball must bounce once on each side before you volley.

Pickleball scoring is also unique. There is no fixed structure to the game. The first side to 11 points wins, but you must win by two points. Play will continue after 11 points until one team wins by two points. In contrast to tennis or badminton, you can only score when your opponent is serving.

One of the most difficult differences for new players to grasp is that the ball should jump once on each edge until volleying can start.

Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis?

Pickleball is gaining popularity at an increasing rate. It’s a simple sport that isn’t as demanding as tennis, so it’s drawn a lot of attention from people of all ages.

Pickleball players are mostly over 50, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any younger players. Pickleball’s simplicity has also attracted many young people to it. So, is the sport easier to play than tennis? For a more detailed discussion on this topic, you can read our article on whether pickleball is easier than tennis here.

Pickleball could be assumed to be simpler in terms of movement because it involves little movement Having said that, you must maintain a similar performance in terms of agility and promptness if you’re planning to play pickleball or tennis.

Pickleball is widely misunderstood as a pinch-hitting sport. Even pinch-hitting can be beneficial and in pickleball, shot placement is more important than shot power.

As previously stated, pickleball courts are relatively small, resulting in less moving back and forward. It means you’re not working as hard as you’d done when start to play tennis. Is this to say that you don’t have to be in shape to play pickleball? No. It can be just as difficult to master the whole pickleball method, as well as shot placement and serving. Especially if you’re playing a singles match.

The game appears to be a lot easier than tennis in general, but what may be the most difficult aspect is that games are often winning and losing due to miscues. Certainly, while playing sports, you must prevent double failures, but when playing pickleball, you must also be aware of the non-volley zone, it means when volleying, you must ensure that you remain within that restricted zone.

Pickleball isn’t as strong or physical as tennis, so it’s almost by definition less likely to injure you when you play it. There is less movement and the majority of the game is played at the same speed.


Whatever sport you choose, this article hopes to help you understand the key differences between pickleball and tennis. Starting to play pickleball or tennis shares many advantages. They allow for socialization and the opportunity to collaborate with your partners. Either game can get you working out and allow you to lose fat while also strengthening your respiratory system.

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