Pickleball Strategies: Learn 6 Simple Double Strategies To Win More

Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the ropes or a seasoned pro hungry for more wins, this post is for you. Here we list 15 tips and techniques designed to help give any player the competitive edge they need to win big on the court. From strategically honing in positioning and footwork to mastering spin shots and serving with precision – if it can be improved upon in pickleball, we will cover it here! Read ahead and start grafting these tactics into your strategy today - success is only one practice session away!

Pickleball Strategies: Learn 6 Simple Double Strategies To Win More

Strategies – Doubles Strategies

Player Positioning

Player positioning is at the heart of any successful pickleball doubles strategy. Partners should move in unison to cover both sides of the court, using their combined agility and court awareness to anticipate where their opponents will hit the ball next. Keeping one partner close to the net can also help cut off angles for players on the other side of the court.

Getting to the Net

In pickleball, getting to the net is essential for a successful doubles strategy. When playing as a team, both partners must communicate with each other and coordinate moves together. One player should always be ready to make a move towards the net while their partner covers them from behind, keeping an eye out for potential errors or mis-hits that could give away easy points.kitchen-zone-pickball-1

Partners Move in Unison

For the pickleball doubles strategy, partners need to move in unison. This means that each partner should be aware of what the other is doing at all times and stay on the same page regarding how to approach the game. Knowing when and where to move can help make a huge difference in your court position, which helps you gain an advantage over your opponents.

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Pickleball is More About Placement than Power

Another strategy for playing pickleball doubles is knowing when and where to hit strategic shots (power or placement). Placement shots are crucial for controlling the NVZ area as well as making it difficult for opponents to set up a successful rally.

Power shots can also be used to your advantage by forcing the opponents to react quickly and out of position. Knowing when and where to hit these shots is key for successfully winning points in pickleball doubles.

Even the most powerful of shots won’t matter if they land way out of bounds or in a spot where your opponents can easily hit them back into play. Players need to focus on hitting their shots accurately and using spin to keep their opponents guessing.

Communicate With your Partner

Communication is key when playing pickleball doubles, as it allows partners to strategize together and decide how best to cover the court while also keeping an eye out for potential openings that could be exploited by their opponents.

pickleball etiquette

By communicating with each other, partners are better equipped to make quick decisions and react quickly should one partner happen to make a mistake.

Controlling the Non-Volley Zone (NVZ)

When playing pickleball doubles, one of the key strategies is controlling the non-volley zone (NVZ). By keeping your opponents away from this area of the court, you are making it much more difficult for them to score points.

To accomplish this, you need to have good communication between yourself and your partner so that both players know who will be covering the NVZ at any given time. Additionally, it is important to be aware of where your opponents are on the court and how they will react to certain shots.

When playing doubles, you should also focus on keeping your returns low and controlled to give yourself more time to set up a rally. This allows you and your partner to work together tactically to control the flow of the game and increase your chances of winning.

By following these key doubles strategies, teams will be better equipped to succeed. Experience is essential. The more you play and practice, the better you’ll become at anticipating your opponent’s moves and reacting accordingly. With time and dedication, players can develop into formidable opponents and have a lot of fun while doing it!

15 Tips & Techniques to Win Big

Pickleball doubles can be particularly challenging due to the court size, the coordination needed between partners, and the need for quick decision-making. To become a champion pickleball doubles team, there are certain strategies that you should use. With these 15 tips and techniques, you’ll be able to win big in your next pickleball doubles match.

Consistently Serve Deep, to Backhands & in the Court

This will take away your opponents’ options so that they cannot hit an aggressive shot or set up a winner for their partner.pickleball serve

Return Deep, to Backhands & the Opponent with a Weaker Third Shot

Return deep shots with power and accuracy, preferably to your opponent’s weaker third shot. This will give you an advantage when they have to hit a difficult shot back at you.

Move Your Feet & Bend Your Knees

Move your feet quickly and bend your knees as you play so that you can reach more balls on the court. Being agile is key when playing pickleball doubles.

Watch the Pickleball & Hit the Pickleball Out in Front

Keep your eyes on the pickleball and hit the ball out in front of you instead of toward yourself. This will help you make contact with the pickleball before it bounces twice, increasing your chances of winning points.

Be “Pickleball Ready” with Your Pickleball Paddle Up

Be “pickleball ready” at all times by keeping your paddle up so that you’re able to react quickly to shots from your opponent. Being prepared for any shot is crucial in a game of pickleball doubles.

Make a Decision on Shot Selection & Commit to It

Decide on what type of shot to use (e.g., drop shot, lob, etc.) and commit fully to it rather than hesitating or changing it mid-shot. Knowing how to play pickleball doubles requires being decisive and trusting your instincts.

Play Aggressively & Use Spin

Utilize spin to your advantage and try to hit shots deep where the opponents have less court coverage. When hitting serves, use topspin or side spin to make them difficult for your opponent’s return. When returning a serve, use aggressive shots such as slams and dinks with backspin that will slow down the pace of play.top spin pickleball

Attack Net Players

If you’re playing against an opponent who likes to stay at the net, take control by driving the ball deep into the backcourt forcing them to move away from their comfort zone. This will give you more angles for attacking shots and keep them on defense rather than offense.

Additionally, when playing pickleball doubles, it is important to attack the middle of the court and use angle shots to create openings for you or your partner. By aiming away from your opponents’ dominant side, you can force them further out of court and make it difficult for them to return shots.

You should also be aware of where each player is on the court so that if one opponent moves forward or back, you are ready to capitalize with a well-placed shot.

Volley More & Move Out of the Kitchen

The pickleball kitchen is a 7-foot non-volley zone that players must avoid. Take control by volleying more and moving outside of the kitchen to create angles and open-court coverage when attacking shots.

Increase Pace When You Can

If your opponents are struggling with their returns, increase your serve pace and mix up your spins to keep them guessing. This will give you more time for attacking setup shots which can lead to game points.

Don’t Give Away Points

Avoid hitting lazy shots such as high floaters or lobs that are easy for the opponents to attack and don’t forget about the importance of good footwork to give yourself more time and court coverage when returning shots.

Know What Shots to Take

When playing doubles pickleball, assess the situation and decide which shot to take whether it’s a dink, drive, or lob. During the game keep track of your opponents’ tendencies so you can adjust accordingly.

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Utilize Doubles Strategies & Tactics

Understand the different strategies like “the triangle offense” and tactics like setting up for an attack shot by double hitting with your partner that can help you win points in doubles matches.

what is pickleball drop shot

When playing pickleball, use a variety of lobs, drop shots, drives, and volleys to keep them off balance. You should also vary your server locations to make sure that you are forcing your opponents out of their comfort zone. By mixing up these shots, you can create openings for yourself or your partner.

Stay Patient & Mentally Focused

When playing pickleball, you need to be patient and disciplined to stay focused on the game plan. This is especially true when you are losing and your opponents are in control of the match.

Have Fun & Enjoy the Game!

Pickleball can be a fun and exciting way to exercise with friends or family so don’t forget to enjoy yourself while developing your skills!

By following these tips and strategies, you should be able to develop better pickleball techniques and form a more effective doubles strategy that will lead to big wins! Good luck out there, have fun, and may the best team win!


Pickleball is a fantastic game for people of all ages. With these 15 tips and techniques, you’ll be well on your way toward winning big! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing pickleball!

Remember, the best way to improve is by playing against better opponents. Find a local club or tournament near you and put these tips into action. With some dedication and practice, you’ll be racking up wins in no time. Good luck!

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