Spectacular Pickleball Resorts You Must Visit!

When you feel bored only playing pickleball in your area, then it's time for you to try pickleball vacation! Besides playing, you can enjoy a vacation with a variety of views that you want. Here, we will provide some suitable places for you to enjoy vacation time and private pickleball games.

Here’s The Pickleball Trips 2023 You Must Visit!

Southampton, Bermuda – Pompano Beach Club

For those of you pickleball players who are bored with your environment which is just the same, you need to visit the Pompano Beach Club in Bermuda. Bermuda is known for its beaches which have pink sand. Interestingly, by the sea, you can enjoy 3 pickleball courts that have been provided to please you and your partner. On this court, court time, paddles, and balls are provided free of charge for anyone who stays the night. In addition, there are 75 rooms perched on a limestone cliff located in the southwest corner of Bermuda.

pompano beach club pickleball vacation

Not only that! You can find the Port Royal Golf course that you and your family can try. After your activities, you can spend time swimming at the beach or just fishing or enjoying the coral reefs. You can get this in doubles from $ 540 / night on the personal website pompanobeachclub.com.

California – Cathedral City, Pismo Beach, & Temecula

If you are visiting California, feel bored with just walking around in so-so places, and need to do your favorite sport, Pickleball, you need to visit one of the 3 pickleball vacation trips in California!

Cathedral City is a resort that already has 5 stars with an area of 137 hectares. Here, has offered pickleball courts on two of its 14 spacious tennis courts. Apart from that, there are already more than 3000 members of this membership, so when you are not with your partner, you can find other pickleball players here.

Pismo Beach – After you enjoy the beach, take your time for a short trip to the pickleball field that has been provided here. Pismo Beach provides lodging with 3 comfortable homemade beds. In addition, the large deck at the front can spoil your eyes with beautiful views and a relaxing beach atmosphere. Not only that, some properties are plywood that you can rent in full as a vacation spot. There are 7 beds and 7.5 bathrooms available for you and your pickleball-loving family.

pismo beach pickleball vacation

Temecula – Home to this permanent pickleball field, Temecula Hilltop also features a 12-person swim spa, greens, fire pits, vineyards, and stunning views across 9 acres. There are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms that can accommodate up to 12 guests.

Idaho – Whitetail Club

Being one of paradise in a city in Idaho, that’s the Whitetail Club! The club has been ranked in the top 150 clubs across the US by Platinum Clubs of America. With these rankings, these Clubs have attracted a lot of pickleball lovers to be able to enjoy this game here. So, Whitetail Clubs expanded the pickleball court space so you can enjoy it with your partner. You don’t need to worry about lodging, here Clubs has offered 4 choices, namely two Saline Hot Tub facilities, children’s and youth rooms, as well as additional features such as fishing to be enjoyed.idaho whitetail club pickleball vacation

Maroko, EL Jadida – Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

Not only can you enjoy the game of pickleball on the field that has been provided, but you can also enjoy the beach on the Atlantic coast of North Africa. Apart from that, there are some interesting games that you can try such as swimming, surfing, fishing, and other games! This resort has more than 500 rooms with 13 restaurants and bars and a luxurious spa. If you want to visit a historical place, you can visit the ancient port city and the El Jadida fortress which only takes 20 minutes and there are many other tourist attractions that you can visit.maroko el jadida mazagan beach pickleball vacation

Hawaii – Wailea Point Village Resort

Surely you have heard a lot about this island, there are many various places that you can enjoy here, including pickleball. Imagine being able to play pickleball in Hawaii! Wailea Point Village Resort is a resort that has a pickleball field that is wide enough for you to play with your family or partners. Make sure to enjoy the Hawaiian sea after you play a few games.hawaii wailea point village resort pickleball vacation

Montana – Bigfork

Even though it’s only a small town, Bigfork has quite a lot of games that you can enjoy all year round such as hiking, skiing, or just camping while enjoying the beautiful scenery. There are several pickleball clubs here, this is because Two Rivers Pickleball holds special events every month for USA Pickleball members.montana bigfork pickleball vacation

Texas – Horseshoe Bay Resort

The update on the pickleball field which already has 8 courts with this new facility, there is a clinic for the players, pickleball lessons for beginners, and there are game modes that are organized according to pickleball skill level. Horseshoe Bay Resort is proof that sports can thrive in Texas. It also hosts several events that support pickleball fans including the Ultimate Doubles Pickleball Weekend and the US Senior Pickleball National Tournament. Not only do they enjoy pro instruction, but pickleball players will also find organized play and golf facilities on one of the courses and concerts. This resort can be rented for double the price of $330/night.texas horseshoe bay resort pickleball vacation

Costa Rica, Guanacaste – Pura Vida House Tamarindo

It has 3 miles of stunning coastline, with 4,500 acres of coastline, and tropical forests, also have a pickleball field to play on! Pura Vida House Tamarindo is a luxury villa providing 6 bedrooms, a swimming pool with papa, 24/7 guest service, a private game court, and a home chef. Pickleball vacation packages can also be found for groups of 8 – 12 people, besides that there is a seven-night stay available, and it is complete with 2 hours of daily lessons and practice. This house can be rented for $193/night for a minimum size group.costa rica guanacaste pura vida house tamarindo pickleball vacation

Florida – Orlando & Vero Beach

Many best pickleball resorts in Florida offer a variety of tourist attractions, but what about the pickleball resorts in Florida that offer pickleball fields? Here are 2 pickleball getaways options for you to trip:

Orlando is a home for people who want to enjoy their vacation at Walt Disney World or Universal Studios and many more! This also includes those of you pickleball lovers. Pickleball vacations Florida offers many pickleball courses and the Pickleball As championship is being held in Naples, even 2023 will be here. Interestingly, here is a dedicated pickleball community for you.florida vero beach pickleball vacation

Vero Beach is a beach with warm and sunny weather all year round for those of you who want to play pickleball. There are 3 full public parks with pickleball courts within the city limits and low fees. This means you can’t leave Florida very soon!

Let’s Vacation And Playing Pickleball

Have you started to be interested in going on a pickleball trip to some of the countries above? Or you’ve visited a few of them? If you haven’t enjoyed it yet, hurry up and go on several trips to countries to enjoy pickleball with your partner or family while on vacation.

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