Steve Wong Pickleball: The History of Pickleball With Onix Founder

Pickleball players of all ages often wonder about the legends of their sport. One name that frequently comes up is Steve Wong, a significant figure in the pickleball community.  From his early introduction to the sport to his numerous accomplishments, Wong's story is both inspiring and educational. This article aims to unravel the journey of Steve Wong, shedding light on his contributions and impact on the sport of pickleball.

Steve Wong Pickleball: The History of Pickleball With Onix Founder

Steve Wong and Pickleball

Early Life and Introduction to Pickleball

Steve Wong pickleball’s journey in the world of pickleball began in 1991, but it wasn’t until 1998 that he had access to a pickleball court and started playing fanatically. He discovered his passion for the sport during his 8th grade and has been playing athletics all his life. If you’re interested in learning more about the sport that Steve fell in love with, you can read about the history of pickleball here.

His pro competitive play began when he moved back to Washington in 1998 and started playing at a gym called 24-hour fitness in Bellevue. Here, he met Mark Friedenberg and other great players, and this is where his involvement in competitive play began.

Accomplishments in Pickleball Professionals

Steve Wong’s accomplishments in pickleball are numerous. Some of his notable achievements include winning the tour Gold in Men’s Doubles 35+ at the USAPA SW Regional Tournament, El Mirage, AZ, and Silver in Mixed Doubles 35+ at USAPA Nationals VI, Sun City Festival, Buckeye, AZ.

He also won multiple awards at the 2014 Grand Canyon State Games, AZ State Pickleball Championships, including Gold in Men’s Doubles 19+ and Men’s Doubles Skill 5.0, and Bronze in Mixed Doubles 35+ and Skill 5.0.

steve wong achivement

Steve Wong’s Preferred Style of Play

Steve Wong’s style of play is unique and effective. He prefers doubles play, particularly mixed doubles and men’s doubles. He enjoys working together with his partner, figuring out how to use each other’s strengths in the game.

Steve also emphasizes the importance of drilling and consistent practice to improve one’s game. He advises players to play with purpose, get passionate, and practice consistently.

His favorite paddle is the new Graphite Evoke by Onix Sports, which he believes offers nice touch, a big POP, and good control.

Steve Wong’s Contributions to Pickleball

Onix Sports, Armour Pickleball, and the Development of Pickleball Paddles

Steve Wong, a Hall of Fame pickleball player and pickleball entrepreneur, has significantly contributed to the sport through his innovative paddle designs.

As the co-founder of Onix Sports, he was instrumental in the development of high-quality pickleball paddles that have enhanced the game’s playability.

If you’re interested in learning more about the evolution of pickleball paddles, you can read about the original pickleball paddle here.

His dedication to improving the sport led to the creation of Armour Pickleball, a company that continues to innovate with products like the Helix Paddle. This paddle, praised for its construction and feel, is set to make a significant impact on the sport.

steve wong armour pickleball

Promoting Pickleball in Schools

Wong’s passion for pickleball extends beyond the court and into the classroom. He has been a vocal advocate for introducing the sport to schools, believing it to be an excellent way to engage students in physical activity.

His personal experience with pickleballs in school ignited a lifelong passion for the sport, leading him to start initiatives to promote pickleball in educational institutions.

His efforts have not only increased the sport’s popularity but have also opened doors for students to explore pickleball as a potential career path.

The Social Aspect of Pickleball

Steve Wong has always emphasized the social aspect of pickleball. He believes that the sport is not just about competition, but also about fostering community and promoting social interaction.

Through his clinics and tournaments, Wong has created opportunities for people to connect, have fun, and develop a shared love for the sport.

His pickleball clinics are not just training sessions, but also social events that bring together people of all ages and skill levels. This focus on community has helped make pickleball more than just a sport, but a social phenomenon.

steve wong playing pickleball

Personal Life and Future Plans

Personal Life

Steve Wong is not just a pickleball enthusiast; he’s a man with a deep passion for the sport. His journey began in eighth grade when he was introduced to pickleball, and it quickly became a significant part of his life.

His personal stories often intertwine with his love for the game, showing how pickleball has shaped his life and career.

Future Plans

As a pickleball pioneerSteve Wong has big plans for the future. He is currently developing a new paddle, the Helix Paddle, under his company, Armor Pickleball. He believes this paddle, with its unique construction and affordable price, will make a significant impact on the sport.

Additionally, he plans to continue promoting pickleball through affordable clinics in various locations, including Arizona, Florida, and Alaska.

Impact on the Community

Community Impact

Steve Wong’s involvement in pickleball has had a profound impact on the local and global pickleball community. His initiatives, such as the creation of the Surprise Pickleball Association and the Tommy Wong Pickleball Tournament in honor of his late brother, have helped grow the sport and foster a sense of community among players.

steve wong the champion

Quotes and Testimonials

Steve Wong is highly respected in the pickleball community. His advice to players to “play with purpose, get passionate, and practice consistently” resonates with many.

Testimonials from other players and individuals in the pickleball community highlight his dedication to the sport and his efforts to promote it. His passion for pickleball is infectious, inspiring others to take up the sport and strive for continuous improvement.


Steve Wong has left an indelible mark on the world of pickleball. His passion for the sport, innovative contributions, and tireless efforts to promote pickleball have significantly shaped its growth and popularity. His influence continues to inspire players and enthusiasts, making him a true ambassador of the game.

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