Ace in Pickleball: Best Serves Will Aces Your Opponents

When you start liking the game of pickleball, you may be confused because there are several terms used when playing this sport. One of the terms often used by pickleball players is Pickleball Ace. This is an explanation of the ace in pickleball and some of the best pickleball serves that you can use.

The Definition Of Ace Serve

Ace is a very epic pickleball serve so your opponent will have difficulty returning the pickleball and you can win one point.

ace in pickleball

The 5 Best Pickleball Serves on court!

When talking about ace serve, in pickleball, there are various forms of serve that you can use as your serving weapon. Pickleball players have the desire to win with all kinds of serves. Either to hit the serve faster, harder, or more accurately on the pickleball.

Then, what are the best pickleball serves for you to use?

Keep in mind that all serves have their purpose, you need to adapt yourself to the serve you want to use as a weapon. Here are some of the best serves:

Lob Serve

This serve has the up-side-down U trajectory. The technique is that you hit the ball high, soft, and land on the back 1/3 of the pickleball court. The high bounce that has landed will make it difficult for players to return it. This high serve is also useful for playing strong players because they indirectly generate their strength. Also, it can be very effective if there is something behind the court (net or fence). However, you need to be careful if you serve short or if any player can spin the ball then it makes your third shot more difficult.

Power Serve

Many players want to make a big powerful hit, which is called a power serve. This is a useful tool to have in your toolbox. A strong serve can force a weak return. On the other hand, if you are playing against a strong hitter, they will increase their power on returns by using the power of the serve. Since this is a regular hit and often the only serve a player has, you will likely find that your opponent has perfected his return.

Soft Short Serve

This shot might be helpful if the player is immobile, is positioned awkwardly, or is positioned slightly behind the baseline. The player will have to hit the return while running because it is brief. The returner may be forced off the court and out of position for the subsequent shot if you can direct the shot to the baseline. The drawback is that as they are moving ahead, they will reach the non-volley zone more quickly.

Backhand Serve

A little secret about the backhand serve is a sidespin is created by the natural action of a backhand serve, we don’t usually notice this but it’s there. However, a player’s backhand is frequently their weaker shot, making it challenging to continue to deliver a valid serve.


Using the service as a weapon in pickleball has many benefits for pickleball players. This is because there are many types of services that can be relied upon. One of them is serving an ace. The Ace pickleball serve is an epic shot you can use and keep practicing!

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