Glow In The Dark Pickleballs: Equipments & How to Glow

Who said that outdoor gaming is boring when you have the option to play glow in the dark pickleball? Yes, there is a glow in the dark version of pickleball! Since this is a new concept, you might be confused about the setup, equipment, and gameplay. Keep on reading to find everything you need to know about this version of the game.

Glow In The Dark Pickleballs: Equipments & How to Glow

What is Glow in the Dark Pickleball?

Glow in the Dark Pickleball is played just like any normal pickleball game. The twist, however, is that it is played in special lighting and with equipment that glows in the dark. The paddles and pickleball are neon in color so they glow in the dark.

glow in the dark pickleball match

As mentioned above, no rules are altered to play glow in the dark pickleball. This concept is used to make this game more enjoyable because who would not enjoy playing this glowy game?

Who Invented Glow Pickleball?

Glow in the dark pickleball was invented by Corky Newcomb. Newcomb is the founder of Lite4Nite and is also known as the sport’s inventor.

Corky Newcomb has been creating a glow in dark versions of many sports for more than 40 years. Corky is very popular among the golfer community as he has also invented the glow in the dark golf balls. The sales of these glow golf balls have skyrocketed in the past.

corky newcomb

Newcomb is from New Hampshire where Pickleball is one of the most popular sports. Eventually, his experience, passion, and increasing popularity of pickleball forced him to invent the glow in the dark version of the game.

His version of pickleball has been tested by Kale Yates, the former number 1 pickleball player in the world and also a 12x champion.

Equipment and Accessories You Need for Playing Glow in the Dark Pickleballs

Glow in the dark pickleball requires you to purchase new products. You also have to make a completely new setup to play glow pickleball. But all of the money and effort are worth the experience of playing the glowy game.

Equipment is very important for having a better experience of playing glow in the dark pickleball. The game is played during the night with special lighting. So, glowy equipment is a must to play the game comfortably.

Here is a list of glowy products you might need to play this unique game of pickleball;

Glow in the Dark Paddles and Balls

Paddles and pickleball are the two main pieces of equipment in this game. Therefore these must glow in the dark.

Some of the best pickleball that can glow in the dark are:

  • Shadow-Ball Neon Pickleball
  • Franklin Sports Optic Yellow Pickleball
  • Onix Fuse G2 in Neon Green

glow in the dark pickleballs

Note: Glow in the dark paddles also comes in handy while observing the hand movement of the competitors.

Glow in the Dark Tapes

To have the best glow in the dark lines in the pickleball court, find the tapes that are neon in color. Neon green, neon pink, and neon yellow are the best options.

glow in the dark tape

Black Light

LED black lights that cover a large area are used to create a unique ambiance in the glowy pickleball court.

black light for glow in the dark pickleball

Black Lights play the most vital role in setting up a glow in the dark pickleball court. Some black lights can throw light up to 200 feet, while some can only cover an area of 5 feet. Therefore, you must buy black lights according to your court size.

Other Accessories

To play the game on another level, you can wear different glow in the dark accessories. Glowy clothes and shoes are a fun add-on. However, to further spice up the outfit, some players use neon bands and caps. You can easily find neon outfits on different outlets.

How to Setup a Glow in the Dark Pickleball Court?

Using the above mentioned equipment, you can easily set up a glow-in-the-dark court. As for the court, you can take help from a professional to set it up. But in case you plan on doing it yourself, here is a complete guide;

Finding a Space

Before setting up the court, you need to measure the available space. You must have the appropriate space to begin the process. The official pickleball court has the following dimensions.

  • Dimensions of Pickleball Court: 20 × 44 ft.
  • Net Height for Pickleball: 36 inches on the sideline

Knowing about the available space will make you more mindful of setting up the lines and sections of the pickleball court.

Black Lights Contact

The first step while starting the process is to mount the black lights. As mentioned above, the LED black lights must be able to throw light covering a large distance.

To place the LED black lights, you can use light stands that are available on Amazon, which can also be bought from a departmental store.

Court Lines

Divide the sections of a pickleball court and mark them. Now put the glow in the dark tapes on these marks. These are the standard lines for a pickleball court;

  • Baselines are parallel to the net.
  • Sidelines are perpendicular to the net.
  • The centerline divides the right and left service areas.
  • Non-volley lines (NV lines) are marked seven feet away from the net.


Lastly, you should place a neon net in the middle. Unfortunately, finding a neon net for a pickleball court is very difficult. Therefore, you can attach the neon tapes on the top and bottom parts of the net to make it visible in the black light.

There you have it! A unique pickleball court set up for playing your favorite sport.

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Finals Words

Glow in the dark pickleball is a fun way to elevate the spirits of the game. You just have to set up the glow in the dark version of the pickleball court and wear the neon accessories to get started.

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