Pickleball Paddle Size: Dimensions, Shape, and Weight Decoded!

Every pickleball player needs a paddle when you want to play pickleball. The paddle itself is larger than a tennis racket but larger than a ping pong paddle. Pickleball paddles are usually made of wood, but some are best made of certain materials because they keep up with the times.

Pickleball Paddle Size: Dimensions, Shape, and Weight Decoded!

The Pickleball Paddle Dimensions

Pickleball paddles do have to meet the correct dimensions when you want to take part in a USA Pickleball Association or IFA tournament. If the paddle you are using during the tournament is not eligible then they can apply changes to the paddles.


The length and width of the butt cover and edge guard should not exceed 24 inches according to the USAPA. Also, the paddle should not exceed more than 17 inches in length. Generally, the width of paddles is 8 inches, Paddle length is 15 inches long.

When you buy a large paddle, usually the manufacturer makes a paddle with a larger surface but a shorter handle. This, however, can still meet the requirements for participating in a pickleball tournament.

The Pickleball Paddle Weight

The weight of the paddle on the pickleball is one of the most important factors you can think about when shopping for a pickleball paddle. In addition, the paddle can affect how hard the ball can hit, the speed of the paddle in the air, control, and placement. Also fatigue your shoulders, elbows, and wrists when you play pickleball.

In general, a pickleball paddle weighs 7.0 oz or can be said to weigh 1 cup of sugar to 13 oz or can be likened to the weight of two hamsters. Rowing weights are usually divided into 3 categories, namely light (weighing under 7.2 ounces), medium (weighing 7.3 to 8.4 ounces), and heavy (weighing more than 8.5 ounces).

What are Pickleball paddles made of? The Pickleball Paddle Components

When buying a pickleball paddle, there are several things you need to pay attention to when choosing a pickleball paddle. Apart from that, several components are usually made by several manufacturers for the pickleball paddle itself. So, what are pickleball paddles made of? Pickleball paddles are generally made from a Nomex, Polymer, Aluminum, or wood core.

pickleball paddle structure

Nomex core. The Nomex core is one of the pickleball paddle components that has been developed and used in composite paddles. This component includes components with very hard materials with small cells.

Polymer. Polymer is a component made from a mixture of plastics that has less deflection compared to other components.

Aluminum. Aluminum is a component known for its strength and lightness.

Wood Paddles. This component material is the heaviest material of the other components. However, this component is the cheapest.

Paddle Shapes

The shape of the pickleball paddle can be varied according to the manufacturer that makes it. However, with a difference, it also has different features. Generally, pickleball paddles have the USAPA-approved requirements in section #2 of the official books. In particular, there is a statement to the effect that the combined length and width of a pickleball paddle, including the edge guards and butt cap, shall not exceed 24 inches. While the length of the pickleball paddle should not exceed 17 inches.

Pickleball Grip Size of Paddles

The Grip size of pickleball paddles usually ranges from 4 – 4.5. There are 3 size differences in the size of the pickleball paddle grip, namely small, medium, and large. A small pickleball paddle size on grip usually ranges from 4 -4.125. On medium pickleball paddle sizes on grip, it is usually around 4.25. Then, on a large grip size, it is usually around 4.5.

how to mesure pickleball grip size

However, a grip that is too large can cause your hand to slip or twist and this can cause problems with your elbow. Also, you should start small first and increase the size of the larger handles. However, the smaller size can also cause more wrist movement and rotation. Make sure you have to know how to measure grip size for pickleball paddles to avoid dangerous injuries.

The Pickleball Elongated VS Standard Pickleball Paddle Comparison

Indeed, there are many types of paddles in pickleball stores, but it may still be difficult for you to decide which one is right for you. One of the biggest choices you can use is this standard size or elongated. Then, what is the difference between the standard paddle and the elongated paddle?

Elongated Paddles Pickleball Specifications

This pickleball paddle is one of the most popular paddles among other paddles. This type of paddle comes with a length of 16” or even more, but this elongated paddle is best suited for pickleball players who want to add reach or power to their pickleball game. It may take a few games to adjust to how the enlarged form somewhat raises the sweet spot’s placement. Due to the added range they offer, these elongated paddles are preferred by solo players.

elongated pickleball paddles

Some of the benefits that you will get if you use elongated pickleball paddles are:

  • Can generate more power.

Elongated paddles do have a sweet spot that is more restricted, giving the ball additional spring when struck by the paddle. When hitting the ball or attempting overhead hits, this is helpful.

  • Offers More Reach

By using this paddle, you can reach bigger when you play pickleball shots. Additionally, elongated paddles are preferred by several singles players since they can span more court space with them. They can be useful if you have mobility issues or lack the range of motion to swiftly access particular sections of the field.

  • More comfortable

Experienced tennis or racquetball players could feel more at ease with elongated paddles because they more strongly match the racquet styles they are used to.

Standard Paddles Pickleball Specifications

Standard paddles have a more traditional look. It’s a great choice for players to play a balanced game of power, touch, and control. Standard pickleball paddles measure 15-15 ¾” long and 8” wide. Also, you will often see paddle handles between 4” and 5”.

standard pickleball paddle

The advantages that you can get by using this standard paddle are:

  • Light

These paddles are made to be lighter than elongated paddles. This is useful to help you reduce fatigue and the risk of injury. It can also increase your speed while playing.

  • Big Sweet Spot

While making the sweet spot less strong, will give you more room for mistakes you make.

  • Easy To Spin

With a smaller standard paddle, it helps players apply a more sophisticated style.

Wrapping It Up

This is the final part of our explanation above, there is no wrong choice when you want to choose a pickleball paddle at a pickleball shop. You should also choose a paddle according to your preferences and needs while you are taking part in a pickleball tournament. Hold on to what was planned to keep winning with the paddle of your choice!

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