How To Hit a Pickleball Harder: Topspin Hitting Technique

After learning how to shoot thirds, dink shots, and other basic techniques, it's time to learn how to hit a pickleball harder. In general, shooting the ball harder is just a matter of strength. But there are other factors that make your shots not only powerful but also effective.

How To Hit a Pickleball Harder: Topspin Hitting Technique

How To Topspin For Harder Pickleball Hits

Topspin shots are shots with a paddle motion that causes Whiffle’s ball to spin away from you. This shot is usually used when returning service or on the third shot. The idea is to create rotations that allow the ball to have a high trajectory but then decelerate and slow quickly. This shot will usually land between the non-volley zone line (kitchen) and the baseline.

top spin pickleball

The resulting deceleration will make it difficult for the opponent because they have to adjust their position. Topspin is great to use because you’ll see a lot of players can hit hard but still keep the ball in the court.

The key to hitting this shot is your grip on the paddle. There are many variations of grips in pickleball but we would recommend to you the western grip which we will explain below.

All you need to do to master this is to drill regularly. Try to hit with a simple forehand as usual. Bound the ball to your forehand side and hit it with the paddles. When the paddle hits the ball, quickly raise your wrist. Do it repeatedly until the ball spins and increase your strength to achieve maximum results.

Hitting The Pickleball Harder with Western Grip

To produce a strong forehand, you can use a variation of the Western Paddle grip. This pickleball grip makes your palms behind the pickleball paddle on forehand strokes and produces maximum forehand shots. The position is the same as when you hold the frying pan when you flip the pancakes.

How To Hit a Pickleball Harder: Dominate The Game With Topspin

But this means your backhand shot becomes less powerful and less effective. If you are up against a player with this type of grip, try to target their backhand side as people using this grip will generally hit the ball forehand and backhand with the same side of the paddle.

This grip is still less commonly used than the eastern grip. Westerners like this grip because it produces a strong forehand with lots of spins but will have a hard time controlling the angle when hitting a backhand.

Correct Body Position For Harder Pickleball Hits

Another factor that can affect your ball stroke to be harder and the maximum is your body position. Body position is important because a good position will prevent you from potential wrong movements and make your control more accurate. We’ll show you how to position your body to help you build strength.

body position for topspin pickleball

Stand with your knees bent and your feet apart for firmer support. Focus the weight on the soles of your feet, not on the heels.

Relax your shoulders and upper body, and position your paddle in front of your body, pointing slightly upwards. This position will make you more ready to hit harder.

If you see the ball being shot to the side of your forehand, turn it sideways with your left foot in front of your right foot and return the paddle to its original position. Concentrate on your chest and hips so your arms will automatically make contact with the ball. Make sure the point of contact is in front of your body. Extend and rotate your arms at the end. This will result in a hard hit shot with topspin on your shot.

Tips And The Right Time To Hit The Ball Harder

In some cases, it will be great for you to know when to hit the pickleball hard. But in other cases, hitting the ball gently will be more effective because you won’t be wasting much energy. The key is to choose the right type of stroke for the given conditions.

But here we will provide some conditions and pickleball tips that you can use as a reference that allows you to hard-hit the pickleball. That includes:

1. Use the Right Paddle

Does the paddle affect the power of your shot? Yes. The key is that the heavier your paddle, the harder your strokes will be. Conversely, if your paddle is getting lighter, it will make it easier to control your ball at the expense of hitting power.

A paddle at least weighs 7.5-8.5 oz with fiberglass or carbon fiber material. If you want extra power in your stroke try choosing a paddle with a weight close to 9 oz. However, it should be noted that the heavier your paddle the more easily your hand will tire.

2. Understand the Right Time to Hit The Ball Hard and Soft

You won’t hit the ball with the same force throughout the game because that will make it easier for your opponent to read your game and fight back easily. Hit the ball hard when you want your opponent to play defensively behind. Then dink the ball gently while your opponents hit hard the ball. These tips help you to at least be able to control the game and put pressure on your opponent.

3. Learn Forehand TopSpins

As I explained above, a forehand topspin is a high-level shot and tends to be difficult to return because of the spin of the ball. It takes a bit of practice to master this technique but I guarantee it’s worth it.

4. Pay Attention To Your Position And Your Opponent

You have to pay attention to your opponent’s playing patterns to find time to hit the ball hard. Usually when your opponent plays a ball that appears over the net or when it doesn’t bounce down on your feet is a good time to return with a strong shot.

In another scenario, when you are on the far side of the court, your opponent will think you will place the ball near the net. At that time you can do a surprise shot with heavy topspin.

5. Snapping Wrist

When you are at the kitchen line, and you want to aggressively smash the ball. Try to snap your wrist, this way your shot will generate more power without a big backswing, and your opponent will also have less time to react.

snapping wrist for harder hit pickleball


A stable body position, good paddle, and great arm strength can all factor in hitting a pickleball harder. Apart from that, an effective shot that makes it difficult for your opponent will also make your hard shot more likely to generate points. Of course, all require regular practice and a lot of learning. We hope that the information above can make your pickleball game even better.

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