Jw Johnson Pickleball Bio: His Life Story, Achievements & Networth

Jw Johnson Pickleball Bio: His Life Story, Achievements & Networth

Life Story of JW Johnson

JW Johnson is originally from Kansas but his family decided to move to Florida. This was done to accommodate his sports journey.

Kansas was the hometown of Johnson’s family where everyone knew them. But when they moved to Florida, they had no one.

Therefore, Johnson’s family decided to go to a pickleball court to play matches. Since the family already had an interest in racquet sports, this activity sparked their interest.

jw johnson with his family

Soon, they relocated to another area and yet again chose pickleball as a way to kill boredom. They made more pickleball friends here and gained more experience.

Because of this, JW Johnson and his family decided to pursue a career in pickleball. They also met new people who made them interested in the following pickleball as a profession.

JW Johnson’s sister and mother are also actively playing pickleball and are on top of the national ranking boards. We have discussed further achievements and details of Johnson’s family below.

JW Johnson has not disclosed his net worth but he has been working with several sponsors. So the estimated net worth of JW Johnson is quite higher than most pickleball players.

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Achievements of JW Johnson

JW Johnson is only 19 years old (2022), but he has already achieved more than many other pickleball players. For a long time, he held the title of No. 1 APP men-ranking pickleball player.

However, recently his ranking position moved to No. 3. But still, he’s in the top 3 of the Association of Pickleball Players which is a huge achievement for a player of his age.

Although JW Johnson has won many medals and prizes, in 2022 alone, he won nearly 50 medals and three triple crowns.

jw johnson achievements

In 2022, JW also got a chance to collaborate with one of the biggest pickleball brands i.e. Franklin Sports. Almost every pickleball player has heard the name of this brand.

Franklin is famous for making more than 10,000 products for 10 different sports. They make balls, paddles, and nets for pickleball enthusiasts.

Not only that, but JW Johnson has also collaborated with YoBow and Drink Day One which are popular brands amongst picklers.

How is He Doing Now?

Currently, JW Johnson is representing Franklin Sports, YoBow, and Drink Day One.

Most of his recent posts are about these sponsors. Recently, he has also played APP West Palm beach and won the men’s doubles.

Since it’s the holiday season, JW Johnson is seen practicing pickleball with his sister and mother in their hometown. Currently, JW johnson pickleball is not married.

Family of JW Johnson

As we mentioned earlier, JW Johnson is not the only pickleball champion in his family. He wasn’t the first person to start playing this game in the family either.

the johnson family

To begin, Johnson has three family members in pickleball; Julie, JW, and Jorja. JW and Jorja are siblings, while Julie is their mother.

In earlier times, pickleball was just a fun activity for the family. Before COVID hit the world, Julie had gotten a chance to play pickleball on a professional pickleball level.

Slowly Jorja also started taking interest in professional pickleball. However, JW was confused between picking tennis or pickleball to pursue on a professional level.

Julie helped her son to pursue a pickleball career, which proved to be the right choice. Julie has won many triple crowns and medals in senior pickleball.

Jorja has also won several medals in the women’s category. Her name is included in the top 10 APP women’s pro singles, which is a huge achievement at the age of 15.

Johnson’s family is seen practicing together on social media. They have also secured sponsorships with different brands such as Franklin Sports, Chicken n Pickle, Drink Day One, etc.

What Paddle Does JW Johnson Use?

JW Johnson mostly uses a paddle by Franklin Sports, since he is their ambassador.franklin sports pickleball paddle


All in all, Johnson’s family is dominating the national scoreboards. JW Johnson alone has won nearly 50 medals in 2022, which shows his dedication to the game.

He also had brand deals with different brands in 2022, which increased his popularity as well as net worth.

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