Painting Tennis Courts With Pickleball Lines: A Complete Guide

Pickleball is breaking all the records of popularity among teenagers in the United States. Therefore, many people are planning to paint pickleball lines on their tennis courts. If you also have similar plans, you must know that both courts are somewhat different but have a similar basic structure. Therefore, it would be easy to convert a tennis court into a pickleball one. But to do that, you would have to paint pickleball lines on a tennis court. Since both differ, so do the measurements and size of the lines. You need to know about the paints to use and the length of the lines you have to paint. But most importantly you must know the painting method. To help you out, we have created an ultimate guide to paint pickleball lines on a tennis court. Keep on reading until the end to get the most benefit.

Painting Tennis Courts With Pickleball Lines: A Complete Guide

The purpose for Transform a Tennis Court into a Pickleball Court?

Before painting pickleball lines on a tennis court, let’s try to understand why you would need to paint them in the first place.

Pickleball is a relatively new game. This sport isn’t even a century old. Therefore, there aren’t many places dedicated to this game.

On the other hand, tennis and other racquet sports have a lot of allotted courts. Therefore, converting them into courts for this new game would be beneficial. Also building a court from scratch is very expensive.

Pickleball doesn’t have many courts, but this does not mean that there are no courts at all. Indeed, there are some courts in the country, but these courts usually cost a lot.

Most of these are charged through two methods: hourly charges or membership fees. The hourly charges are too high, and so are the membership fees. Therefore, transforming a tennis court into pickleball lines to play pickleball on tennis court is an economical option.

Where Should You Paint on a Tennis Court?

A tennis court is large in dimensions as compared to the court we want to make. You can either make one, two, or four new pickleball ones on a tennis court.

For one court, paint the lines around the tennis net. To make two new courts, paint lines on two sides of the net. If you have an extra surface around the tennis ground, then make two vertical or horizontal boxes on both sides of the net.

Painting Pickleball Lines On A Tennis Court

To understand it better, you must check the size and dimensions of both. Here are some specifications of a tennis court you must know to paint the perfect pickleball lines.

Specifications Tennis Court
Dimensions for Doubles 78 feet x 36 feet or 2,808 square feet
Dimensions for Singles 78 feet x 27 feet or 2,106 square
Baseline 36 feet (doubles), 27 feet (singles)
Sideline 39 feet
Center Mark 4 inches long
Service Line 27 feet
Center Service Line 42 feet long (21 feet on each side)

Now, let’s check the specifications of a pickleball court that will be painted on top of the tennis court.

Specifications Pickleball Court
Dimensions 44 feet × 20 feet
Baseline 20 feet on one baseline
Sideline 44 feet on each sideline
Center Line 15 feet each
Kitchen Zone 7 feet each

Here’s a quick comparison of a tennis court and a pickleball court for you to grasp the details.

  Pickleball Court Tennis Court
Net 34″ in center, 36″ 36″ in the center, 44″ in the post
Length 44″ 78″
Width 20″ 27-36″

Painting Methods

There are two methods of painting on a tennis court; permanent or temporary. Choosing one method completely depends on your requirements.

If you don’t want to destroy the existing court and also love to play tennis sometimes, then choose the temporary method. For a temporary method, all you need is a simple chalk or any other temporary pigment.

Painting Pickleball Lines On A Tennis Court

But if you are serious about transforming the tennis court, consider the permanent method. To make a permanent court, use permanent pigments.

Don’t worry about the different forms of paints as we have provided the details of different paints you can use in the next section.

Material Required to Paint Pickleball Lines

To make pickleball lines on top of a tennis court, you will need some materials. Here’s a list of the items you must have to purchase before starting the process.

  • Painting Material – Painting material is the most important item to have if you want to paint new lines on a tennis court.
  • Tape – Tape can be used as an alternative to chalk for having temporary markings.
  • Measuring Tape – Measuring tape or any other alternative must be used to make the correct lines.

Options of Paint

As mentioned earlier, different paints are used for different purposes. Want a permanent court? Use long-lasting paint! But if you only want to play pickleball temporarily, use a temporary pigment.

Painting Pickleball Lines On A Tennis Court

Acrylic is mostly preferred to paint permanent lines. Although acrylic is an expensive option, it is way better than building a new court from scratch.

If you don’t want to ruin the tennis court and just want to play pickleball for a moment, use chalk to make markings on the surface. Chalk is used in most cases as it can be erased easily.

Guide to Painting Pickleball Lines

Follow these tips to paint the pickleball lines and to make an authentic court with correct measurements.

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Before starting the painting process, it is important to prepare the court. Clean the debris and dust from the ground as the paint cannot be applied properly on a dusty surface.

Just like we put a primer on the canvas before painting it, prime the surface of the tennis court. Although this step is optional, you must follow through with it if the tennis court surfaces is extremely old and the surface is irregular. Then tennis court resurfacing is necessary.

Painting Pickleball Lines On A Tennis Court

Apply a resurfacer such as concrete or acrylic paint all over the ground of the court. This will smoothen the surface and will also remove the tennis lines.

Once the resurfacer has dried, use blue or green paint to make a pickleball field. Again, this is an optional step but if you have a large budget, adding this step will be a great investment.

Step 2: Measure the Areas and Lines

This is a very crucial step and will require your utmost attention. You must be fully focused while marking pickleball court lines.

Decide the number of courts you want to make. According to USA Pickleball, you can make one, two, or four courts on a tennis court. Once you decide on the number of courts, you can start measuring your court.

You can use cones to make marks. This will help you to measure accurately and will later help you to paint the lines effectively. The better option is to use chalk to mark the measurements.

Pro Tip: Take a printout of the tennis court and draw the pickleball lines on top of this paper. This will help you to give visual ideas, so it will be easier to paint on the actual court.Painting Pickleball Lines On A Tennis Court

Step 3: Start the Painting Process

Now let’s begin the painting process! Take out your chalk, acrylic, or any paint you are planning to use. If you are painting with chalk, then you must paint the lines in a typical manner.

However, if you plan on making permanent lines, apply a line primer on the measured areas. Once it is set on the surface, place tapes around the area where you want to draw lines.

Now you can easily paint in the area that is present between the parallel tape lines. In the end, satisfy your soul by peeling off the tape from the ground.

Step 4: Adjust the Net

The last step is very simple as you just have to adjust the net. You can purchase a new net. You’ll have to buy one, two, or four pickleball nets according to your requirements.

Another option is to upgrade the tennis net. If you only want to make a temporary court, you can also use the tennis net without having to upgrade.


How Thick Are Pickleball Lines?

Pickleball lines are usually two inches thick. However, this thickness may vary on different surfaces. A soft surface requires thin lines while a hard surface requires thicker lines.

What Should be the Color of Pickleball Lines on a Tennis Court?

The pickleball lines can have any color that's different from the lines of a tennis court. For instance, if the tennis lines are white, paint new lines in any other color than white. You can use bright colors such as deep red or jet black to make the lines more visible.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Tennis Court?

The total cost of painting pickleball lines can vary from $200 to $600 (or more if you use expensive paint). The cost can vary according to your preference. Here are a few factors that might affect your total cost.
  • Painting Method - Permanent or Temporary
  • Paint - Chalk, acrylic, or any other option
  • Size of the Court
  • Total Number of New Courts: 1, 2, or 4

Does Pickleball Damage the Surface of Tennis Court?

No, a pickleball cannot cause damage to the surface of a tennis court. A tennis court is usually made of concrete. Therefore, it won't get damaged due to the bounces of the pickleball and contact of the paddle to the surface.


All in all, painting pickleball lines on a tennis court is not a difficult task. You just must be aware of some basic measurements to turn a tennis court with pickleball line. Happy Pickleball!

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