TOP 10 Pickleball Indoor Courts: Best Court You Need to Visit!

Pickleball is gaining popularity in different regions. However, the game is still not very common, which means that there are only a small number of dedicated courts in the country. But as the game is growing rapidly, many courts have sprung up in different states. These courts are either for outdoor or indoor sports. Nowadays, many people prefer indoor pickleball courts over outdoor ones. Although there are only a few indoor courts, they allow you to play at any time and in any weather conditions. In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 Indoor pickleball courts. Read until the end to find the best court near you.

House Of Pickleball, North Carolina

If you live in North Carolina and have a taste for the growing sport, you must visit the house of pickleball.

House of Pickleball or HOP has six indoor courts which can be booked privately. Leagues such as women’s, men’s, and mixed are also played here.

If you don’t want to play, you can enjoy a game from the viewing area. Visitors can also buy beer, wine, and snacks for enjoying the match.

house of pickleball

HOP not only has a playing facility but also offers to coach beginners and intermediate players. Players of all ages and levels can get private or group lessons from PPR and IPTPA-certified professionals.

Players can also get paddles, balls, and ball machines on rent to practice on their own. If you plan on visiting the House of Pickleball, check the timing on their website before heading over.

Pickleball & Tennis US, Florida

Pickleball & Tennis US is a sports shop that is located in Bonita Springs, Florida. However, it also has indoor courts where players can play their favorite game while avoiding the blazing Florida sun.

pickleball tennis us florida

Indoor courts can also be booked for private practice sessions. Players of all ages can get lessons from trained professionals.

As mentioned earlier, Pickleball & Tennis US is originally a sports shop, so players can also rent out the equipment.

Pickleball Island, New York

Located on the Grand Island of New York, Pickleball Island has seven indoor courts. This facility is known to be the largest indoor court in New York.

Each court is dedicated to players of different levels. Some courts are for beginners, some for experts, and some for people who are just playing the game for fun.

Other than practicing or playing with friends, players can also take part in different competitions. Competitions are known as Dilly Dilly, Speedy Singles, Senior Championships, Skinny Singles, and Dinking for Dollars are held by the facility.

pickleball island new york

If you want to participate in a competition, you must visit Pickleball Island from late September to April. During this time, weekly leagues are played, which can drastically boost your skills.

Many players come to Pickleball Island during this game, so you’ll have a chance of meeting different people with similar interests.

Players can also get private or group lessons from professionally trained coaches at this indoor court facility.

Oxford Pickleball, Connecticut

With four indoor courts, Oxford Pickleball is an ideal place for the pickleball players of Connecticut. The four indoor courts are present in the 16,500-square-foot facility, which also has separate lockers for men and women.

The first court can be used by beginners. Court numbers two and three are for the intermediate players and the fourth court is specified for the advanced players.

Since these are indoor courts, they’ll protect you from both the sunny and snowy weather of Connecticut. The cherry on top is the temperature control facility of Oxford Pickleball. This means players can enjoy playing their favorite sports at any time of the year.

oxford pickleball connecticut

They also organize league matches where players of different levels (beginners, intermediate, and advanced) compete against each other. These leagues also allow players to connect with each other based on their skills and availability.

Oxford Pickleball has taken another innovative step to connect different players. They have a paid app where players can communicate with each other and see who’s joining the league matches.

Chicken n Pickle, Missouri

If you are a pickleball enthusiast from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas, be happy as these states have a branch of Chicken n Pickle.

The name of this indoor court facility is very unique and might confuse some people as chicken and pickles don’t exactly have a connection.

chicken n pickle missouri

Similar to its unique name, the business model of Chicken n Pickle is also very distinct. This facility is an indoor sports court and a food court at the same time.

Some specialties include bars, food trucks, fire pits, outdoor games, as well as TVs. All in all, Chicken n Pickle has facilities for every pickleball enthusiast whether they are a spectator or a player.

Although this business started in 2016, due to its unique concept, it gained a lot of popularity. Currently, they are planning to launch more facilities in Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Missouri.

Smash Park, Iowa

If you are from Iowa and want to introduce your friends to the world of pickleball, bring them to Smash Park. Although the business model of Smash Park is quite similar to Chicken n Pickle, it also has some aspects that distinguish it from other indoor facilities.

Six indoor courts and two outdoor courts are present for pickleball enthusiasts. Bar, fire pit, restaurant, and shaded gardens are also present to add to the entertainment factor.

smash park iowa

Additionally, a point in the favor of Smash Park is that they not only have facilities for pickleball fans but also have areas for ping pong, bocce ball, shuffleboard, cornhole, etc.

Currently, Smash Park has two facilities in West Des Moines and Pella, which are located in Iowa. They are also planning to launch new facilities in Minnesota and Nevada.

Pickleball Zone, Oregon

Launched in 2018, Pickleball Zone has a 55,000-square-foot facility. The ground floor has an adventure park and trampoline zone.

The third floor has eight indoor pickleball courts where players of different ages and levels can play their favorite game. Special areas for spectators are also present.

pickleball zone oregon

The Pickleball Zone also has a shop where they sell products of different brands such as Babolat, HEAD, Pro-Lite, etc. These products include bags, paddles, apparel, etc.

Players can take lessons from trained professionals, practice their techniques, and take part in different challenges.

Pickleball Zone also hosts tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments are the best opportunity for players to connect.

The Alley Pickleball Club, Michigan

In 2018, the first facility of The Alley Pickleball Club started in Richland, Michigan. The second facility started its operations in South Heaven, Michigan.

If you are from Michigan and have dedicated a corner of your heart to pickleball, you must visit the Alley Pickleball Club. They have three indoor courts where players can play, practice, or observe the game.the alley pickleball club michigan

Grand Oaks Pickleball, Florida

Grand Oaks Pickleball is located inside a resort in Florida. Since Florida has a very harsh and rainy climate, the resort decided to build three indoor courts. These pickleball courts also have a temperature control facility.

Players of different ages can enhance their skills by taking coaching classes here. Playing and communicating with players of different skill levels is also an option in this facility

grand oaks pickleball florida

League matches are also conducted at Grand Oaks Pickleball, where players from different states can participate. However, if a person doesn’t want to interact with anyone else, they can book the court just for themselves.

Pickleball Station, Washington

If you are from the capital of the US, consider visiting Pickleball Station with your friends. This facility has four indoor courts. Players can book these courts for a private session or they can also practice different techniques on their membership program.

Top 10 Indoor Pickleball Courts You Need to Visit

The league matches are also held at Pickleball Station which is a great opportunity for players to upgrade and enhance their skills.

Beginners or intermediates can take private lessons from the certified and professional coaches of this facility. All in all, Pickleball Station has facilities for players of all levels.

Play Indoor Vs Outdoor Courts

Although outdoor courts are mostly used to play the game. But in harsh weather, players prefer indoor courts.

The size, lines, and structure of the indoor courts are similar to the outdoor ones. The equipment such as paddles and net are also the same in both versions.

The major difference is the ball. An outdoor ball is heavier, larger, more strong as the outdoor surfaces are usually tough. These balls also have a larger amount of small holes in them.

On the other hand, an indoor ball has larger but fewer holes. These are also made from a soft material as they don’t have to be used against the pressure of the wind.

The outer court is made of concrete or asphalt so it’s sturdy and heavy. However, the surface of the indoor court is similar to the gym floor or basketball floor. These floors are made of wood, so they are softer than the outer ones.


Is Indoor Court Better than Outdoor Pickleball Court?

Indoor courts can be used 24/7 and in any weather conditions. Some of them also have regulated temperatures. So inner courts are better if your city has a harsh climate.

Are Outdoor and Indoor Courts the Same Size?

Yes, both have the same size. Indoor and outdoor courts are made with the standard size that is set by the international pickleball organization.

What is the Best Surface for an Indoor Pickleball Court?

The surface of this type of court is usually similar to a basketball court or a gym floor. Mostly, manufacturers use polyurethane to construct the surface.

Which Pickleball is for Indoors?

For indoor plays, a special pickleball is made. This ball is made with a soft material and has larger holes. This light structure is best for the soft surface of an indoor court.

Can Indoor Balls be Used Outdoors?

No, indoor balls are made with soft material and have larger holes. Therefore, they can resist the wind pressure and can't bounce against the heavy surface of the court.

Final Words

Unfortunately, not a lot of cities have indoor courts that allow you to play pickleball without worrying about the weather conditions. But if you have one in your area, pay a visit and bring your friends.

We hope that this article helped you in finding the best indoor court in your area. If we missed any indoor court, let us know in the comments. Happy Playing!

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