Pickleball Court Dimensions: Official Size & DIY Court Setup

A pickleball court is much smaller in size. Measuring 44 feet long and 20 feet wide, it promotes strategy and smart play over raw strength. This makes it more suited for senior players as well.

Pickleball Court Dimensions: Official Size & DIY Court Setup

Official Pickleball Court Dimensions

The official pickleball courts dimensions in feet are 20 feet by 44 feet. The 44 feet of the area is situated between both baselines. Between the sidelines, the area or width is 20 feet.

This size is similar in both singles and doubles. Similarly, the backyard pickleball court dimensions are similar to professional ones.

Seven feet of each side of the court are dedicated to the non-volley zone. The NVZ starts from the net and ends 7 feet away from the net. This region is also known as the kitchen, and players can’t hit the volley stroke here.

After the kitchen zone, two service areas are present. The length of a service area is 15 feet while the width is 10 feet. The left and right service areas are separated by the center line which has a length of 15 feet.

To make a temporary court for a recreational game, a pickleball court of fewer dimensions can be used. However, the standard pickleball court size in feet must be at least 20 feet long and 44 feet wide.

Remember that only the official court size should be used to play a professional match or to practice for such a game. The official pickleball layout can be checked on the pickleball court diagram.

You can check this table for finding a quick answer to, “what are the dimensions of a Pickleball court?” and “what size is a pickleball court?”

Details Dimensions
Length of the Pickleball Court 44′
Width of the Pickleball Court 20′
Diagonal Dimensions 48′ & 4″
Non-Volley Zone 7′
Center Line 15′
Width of Service Area 10′
Length of Service Area 15′
Net Height in the Centre 34″
Net Height at the Sidelines 36″

Out of Bounds Area

Only the main area of the pickleball court is not enough. There must be an extra area for safety reasons. The regulatory authorities of pickleball suggest that the minimum surface area must be 54 feet by 24 feet.

However, 64 feet by 34 feet is required for professional games. This means that there should be a playing area of 22 feet around each side of the net and the out-of-bounds area must be 10 feet after each baseline.

Usually, many pickleball courts are made adjacent to each other, which can cause many issues, such as the disturbance of the other’s game so watch out when setting up one.

Height of a Pickleball Net

In the middle, the pickleball net size is 34 inches high, and near the sidelines, it is raised to 36 inches. Since the net is slightly lower in the middle, players usually play here as it’s easy to make shots over this area.

pickleball net

The official rulebook of pickleball as well as national authorities recommends that a center strap should be used for a permanent net. This strap should be adjusted in a way that the center of the net has a pickleball size of 34 inches.

The net has to extend 1 foot past the sidelines. This means that the pickleball net size should be 22 feet long. The net is supported by two poles which are placed 22 feet and 4 inches away from each other.

It is better to use poles that are made with high-quality, and rust-resistant material if you plan on making a permanent court. To keep these poles firm, they are mostly attached to the concrete.

Locations for a Pickleball Court

A pickleball court can be made at any location as long as it has the space for the official dimensions. For instance, a location smaller than 20 feet can not be converted into a pickleball court layout.

location for pickleball court

Here are some of the locations which can be converted into pickleball courts;

  • Both indoor and outdoor locations are ideal for making a place to play a pickleball game.
  • Since there are a lot of badminton, basketball, and tennis courts in the US. Therefore they can be easily converted into pickleball ones.
  • A trimmed and smooth grass surface can be used for making a backyard pickleball court. However, a grass court is usually the last choice for many players.
  • To make a temporary court, you can use the empty parking lots, driveways, or empty streets in your neighborhood.

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How to Make a Pickleball Court?

To make a pickleball court, you must have some supplies and you must be aware of the official pickleball size of the court mentioned above.

Types of Pickleball Court

In terms of the location, there are two different courts. These are indoor or outdoor pickleball courts. The indoor courts and the outdoor ones are quite similar in terms of their rules and dimension.

dedicated indoor pickleball venues

The equipment used for playing indoor vs outdoor pickleball games can be slightly different. For instance, the outdoor ball has small holes, but the indoor ball has a few large holes

In terms of construction, there are two other types of Pickleball courts; temporary and permanent. The temporary courts are made using chalks or any other temporary paints.

However, the permanent pickleball courts are made using permanent paints. Also, the net is placed here with the help of sturdy and firm poles.

Lastly, the temporary pickleball courts do not require the official size. However, the permanent court must adhere to the official standards.

Items Needed to Make a Standard Pickleball Court

To make a pickleball court with the correct dimensions, here are the essentials you’ll need;

  • A measuring tape to get the perfect lines according to the official pickleball dimensions in feet.
  • Chalk for a temporary setup, and acrylic paint must be used for making a permanent court.
  • Set up the net according to official pickleball net dimensions. For a temporary setup, use the backyard pickleball court dimensions.
  • Two poles are required to set up the net in the middle of the court.
  • Strings or tapes can also be used to mark the measurements on the court.

How to Set Up a Pickleball Court?

These are the quick steps to help you to make a setup according to the official size of a pickleball court.

  • The first step is to prepare the surface. If you’re using an old court, you can renew it by adding a new layer of the surface.
  • However, if you are making the court from scratch, making a concrete surface would be a better option.
  • After the surface has been made, you can use a primer that will seal the surface material and will also help you to add new lines firmly.
  • Once the surface is fully prepped, paint the whole surface in a blue or green acrylic court.
  • Now start making the pickleball measurements. Start by measuring the sideline and the baseline. Then move on towards marking the zones of the court.
  • Paint the lines with paint. You can use chalk for a temporary setup or acrylic paint for a permanent setup.
  • In the end, make two concrete blocks and adjust the poles in them. Adjust the net and that’s it! You have made a pickleball court of your own.

Setup for a Temporary Pickleball Court:

For a temporary pickleball court, paint and the surface are the most important things. But how big is a pickleball court for a temporary game?

customize tennis court in pickleball court

The area or dimensions of these courts are smaller than the professional ones. However, the official authorities recommend having the temporary setup with the least dimensions of 20 feet by 44 feet.

There is no need to prep the surface or take additional steps to make a temporary setup. Also, there is no need to use expensive nets or paints. Simple chalk can be used to draw the lines, and a typical badminton or tennis net can be used for a temporary or recreational setup.

Comparison Between Pickleball Court and Other Courts

Pickleball is often considered a modified or hybrid version of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. The court of this hybrid game is somewhat similar to the courts of tennis and badminton.

A comparison between pickleball and the tennis/badminton court is made below to identify the real differences and find the similarities between them. This will also help you to understand how long is a pickleball court.

Pickleball Court and Tennis Court

Four pickleball courts can be adjusted in a tennis court. This is the reason that many people are converting tennis courts into pickleball ones.

Pickleball court dimensions vs tennis court dimensions

Check the tennis and pickleball court diagrams to see the difference. Here is a quick comparison between the dimensions of both of these courts.

Hopefully, this will explain, “what is pickleball court’s dimensions as compared to the tennis court?”

  Pickleball Court Tennis Court
Net 34″ in the center, 36″ on the sidelines 36″ in the center, 44″ in the post
Length 44′ 78′
Width 20′ 27-36′

Pickleball Court and Badminton Court

A pickleball court and a double badminton court have similar sizes. However, there is a noticeable difference in the height of the nets.

pickleball court dimensions vs badminton court dimensions

Check the diagram of the pickleball court and the badminton court to see the differences and similarities. Here is a quick comparison chart between both of these courts;

  Pickleball Court Badminton Court
Net 34″ in the center, 36″ on the sidelines 5′ or 60″ from the surface
Length 44′ 44′
Width 20′ 20′ for doubles and 17′ for singles

Final Verdict

All in all, the official dimensions of a pickleball court are 20′ by 44′. These pickleball court measurements are used in both outdoor and indoor setups. Also, courts with these sizes must be used for professional games.

However, if you are playing pickleball for fun and have to set up a temporary court, you can adjust the dimensions. We hope that you are now fully educated about the pickleball court dimensions. Have a great day!

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