Can You Double Hit in Pickleball: When Are Double Hits Allowed?

Pickleball has a variety of rules. Some are extremely easy to comprehend while others give players a tough time as they are very complicated. Rules about double hits are also complex. Beginners might make several mistakes if they don't understand these rules In this article, we have explained the double hit and its rules in detail. Keep on reading till the end to avoid faults related to this move in your next pickleball game.

What is Double Hit & Carry in Pickleball?

Pickleball Double hits mean exactly what it sounds like. It is when a player intentionally or unintentionally hits the ball twice before it is shot toward the opponent.

In some cases, a double-hit is not a fault, but in most cases it is. Whoever commits a double hits the ball will either lose a point or the serve.

In pickleball rules singles, when a player hits the ball twice or carries it with the paddle, the situation is known as a double hit or carry.

However, in a doubles match, there are two situations when a team intentionally or unintentionally commits a double hit according to pickleball rules;

  • One team member hits the ball twice, which is similar to the singles.
  • One team member hits the ball, which is hit again by the other team member before going to the opponent’s side.

pickleball double hit

What Does the Official Rule Book Say About The Pickleball Double Hits?

Some players call for a fault immediately after a double hit. However, doubles hitting is not always a fault.

Section 11. A in the rule books of the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) and the USA explain different situations. This rule explains when a double hit is a fault and when it’s not.


According to Section 11. These are the situations where it is okay to hit twice;

  • A player hits the ball unintentionally.
  • The player strokes the double in a continuous and single direction.

However, a double hit would be considered a fault, if it is shot in any of these conditions;

  • A player deliberately made the double hit.
  • If a player hits the ball twice in a non-continuous and different direction.
  • A double hit is made during a serve.
  • The second team member strikes the ball before sending it to the opponent.

The official rule books give four different situations when a double hitting is made. The first situation is self-explanatory as the fault depends on the intention of the person.

However, the second situation might be confusing for some people. If a ball is hit twice in a continuous and single direction, it will not be a fault.

Let’s understand this point with an example. A player hits the ball once, but it went out of bounds. So, they hit it again to send it toward the opponent. In this situation, the direction of the ball is switched by the player, so it will be a fault.

The third situation is also easy to comprehend. If a player hits the ball twice during the serve shot, it will be a fault.

The fourth situation occurs when one player hits the ball followed by the second team member also hitting it before sending it to the opponent’s courtside. In this situation, a double hit will be considered a fault according to the official rule books.

Final Words on Double Hitting

All in all a double hit is a fault if: it’s done intentionally, it changes the direction of the ball, it’s hit by the other team member, or shot during a serve.

A double hit can be easily avoided by being mindful during the game and by keeping these rules in mind. We hope that this article helped you to understand the complicated rule of double hits in pickleball.

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