12 Crucial Pickleball Court Etiquette: Unwritten Rules

The official rules of playing the game can be found in a rule book. However, there are some unwritten pickleball etiquettes that you have to follow during a game. Showing sportsmanship, empathy, and respect toward other players is a part of the etiquette of the game. The etiquette of sports is not compulsory. You won’t lose a point or a serve if you choose not to respect it, but it is important to remember that remaining humble while playing any game is very important. Therefore you must try and follow pickleball etiquette.

Pickleball Étiquettes

Pickleball Etiquettes are officially added to USAPA Rule Book. So it is now official pickleball rules. We have enlisted the etiquette that is to be followed before, during, and after the game.

Greet the Other Player

Before starting the game, introduce yourself to the opponent team or player. If you already know them, go and greet them.

pickleball etiquette introduce

Adding a reference about your last encounter or match will be a friendly way to start the game.

It is not important to start the match with a greeting. But you must start the match by getting familiar with your opponent. This will ease the pressure of the game.

Wait for Other Before Serving

Consider these two situations; serving a ball while the other player is not prepared vs serving a ball when the other player is ready.

In all honesty, which one sounds like the better thing to do? Almost every professional pickleball player thinks that the second situation is more ethical.

Shooting a serve when the other person is not focused is not a fault, but it would be more courteous if you wait for your opponent to get ready.

Call Out Your Faults

If you make a pickleball fault in the game, you must call it out. You might face a situation where you slightly move in the kitchen zone while shooting a volley.

If no one else noticed this, you might feel the urge to let it slip and get away with it. The ethical approach, however, would be to call your own fault.

There might be other situations where you make a fault when you’re close to winning the game. No one wants to lose a point when they are that close to victory. But calling out a fault will keep your conscience clear and sportsman spirit intact.

Call Out the Score Loudly Before a Serve

If the game is not being played professionally, there may be no scoreboard. In this case, the scores might get mixed up.

To avoid forgetting or mixing the score, call out the score loudly before a serve. This way, your opponent players, teammates, and spectators will remain aware. Thus, there will be fewer chances of losing track of the original score.

Give Tips to Less Experienced Players

Pickleball is a game that has players of different competency levels. There are chances you may be playing with a person who is less experienced.

Instead of looking down on them, you can give them some tips to improve the game. However, tips must be given before or after the match.

It is unethical to give tips and tricks during gameplay. This may sound rude and will also disturb the match.

Instead, note the mistakes of the weaker players. After the match, you can give them some verbal tips or have a practice session with them to help them improve.

Get Tips from Experienced Players

If you are a less experienced player, try to take advice from experienced players. Don’t ask to ask too many questions as it will annoy them.

However, if they happily want to teach you, have a practice session with them. You can also ask for some tips verbally if both parties are short on time.12 Pickleball Etiquettes To Show Sportsmanship On Court

Play a Fair Game

This is number one on the list that every pickleball player must follow. We know that a game is played to win. But this does not mean that you have to use absurd methods or cheat.

Some players don’t call out their mistakes which is very unethical. Using trick shots or manipulating the opponent team or players are also considered rude unless you stay within limits.

Don’t Cheer on the Opponent’s Mistake

Everyone makes a mistake in the game. This means both you and your opponents will most likely mess up during the gameplay.

However, you should never boo or celebrate the mistake of your opponent. This is considered very rude and will make it so no one will want to play with you.

Congratulate Opponents on a Good Shot

Pickleball is an incredible game, where you get a lot of surprises. During a match, many players will make incredible hits.

If you are impressed by the abilities of the other player, don’t hesitate to show your appreciation. Cheer for the opponent on the spot or congratulate them after the match.

Don’t Pass Rude Remarks

Sometimes the game can be nerve-wracking but this does not give you the pass for being rude. Never use rude remarks or swear words during the match.

If the opponent is breaking etiquette, don’t show anger since this will make you equally responsible for breaching pickleball rules. If your teammate is making a rude remark or is using a swear word, ask them to stop.

pickleball etiquette

Sometimes the spectators also become rude and pass nasty comments about the players. If someone is throwing offensive comments about you, anger will be a natural response.

However, try to ignore these comments. But if you can’t ignore these comments or if they are compromising your focus on the match, ask the spectators to stop.

Let Them Play!

Some players are highly experienced and they may cause you to lose a point. To avoid this, many players try to block the ball from them.

pickleball etiquette

However, this is considered rude in pickleball since those players are also here to play the game. Therefore, you must send the ball to both of your opponents.

Some players also try to play the ball of their partner. If you are skilled and the shot is difficult, then you can play it. But try to avoid playing the shots of your partner.

Meet After the Game

It is a ritual for pickleball players to meet after the game. You can either shake hands or paddle with your opponent to show sportmanship

paddle tap pickleball etiquette

If you walk off after the game and don’t meet your opponent, it will go against pickleball etiquette and will be considered rude.

Why Should You Follow the Pickleball Etiquettes?

By following the basic etiquette of the game, you are ensuring fair gameplay. You will also feel more relaxed and less pressured.

A game is only played for a few hours. Showing rude behavior at this time will decrease your respect. This might also cause clashes with the opponents.

Final Words

Following pickleball, etiquette is not compulsory, but it is recommended. This promotes the spirit of USA Pickleball sportsmanship and friendliness in a game.
Lastly, be kind and respectful towards other players, because winning a game is not the only reason for playing it. Spread positivity!

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