What is a Lob Shot in Pickleball: Offensive Lob shot & Defends Tips

What is a lob in pickleball? Have you ever heard of it or are you proficient at it? Professional players usually have their own strategy for defeating their enemies and getting points. Every shot in pickleball has variations that you can use as a strategy. One of them is the lob shot. What is a lob shot in pickleball? If you are a beginner, then you should try this shot. However, it has advantages and disadvantages that can actually benefit the opponent. So how to do a proper lob? We will explain them one by one to you.

What is a Lob Shot in Pickleball: Offensive Lob shot & Defends Tips

What is a lob shot

A pickleball lob is a lofted pickleball shot that sends the ball high overhead and deep. This shot is done by lifting the paddle with the face open. In general, the Pickleball lob shot can be an offensive or defensive shot. Offensive shots are usually done so that it is difficult for the opponent to take the ball because you will direct it in a direction that is difficult for the opponent to reach. While defensive shots aim to manage your time and prepare a better position for the next shot. A defensive lob is hit primarily from the baseline.

where to aim your lob shot pickleball

This shot will be most effective if you are able to push opponents close to the net into the non-volley zone. Even so, not all moments you can use to shoot lobs. There are certain conditions when you should not use this shot because it can benefit your opponent.

The Right Time And Condition To Do Offensive Pickleball lobs

An offensive lob shot is an offensive lob shot in pickleball. Offensive lob shots can be done when you have a good ball position and find your opponent in a position close to the net. That way, you can shoot the ball far back near the field line that is difficult to reach. Apart from that some conditions you can do to consider a lob shot are.

1. Your opponent is a short player

Having a taller height than your opponent is an advantage. You can do a lob shot by crossing the enemy’s reach limit and making it difficult. You can estimate the reach of your opponent’s paddle by the height of the ball you throw. If you are shorter, then you will need extra skill to get a good lob shot. Or, when a player is ducking for a low ball, that is when is it best to use a lob shot.

2. Lob shot Benefits from weather conditions

This is the luck factor. If you play outdoors directly you will play with the wind and sun in erratic weather conditions. You can make this an advantage in shooting shots.

The wind can help you to hit further with less force. Of course, it requires precise calculations so that your ball does not fall outside the playing area.

The sun itself can help you or even make it difficult if your side of the field is facing directly toward the sun. The lob requires the opponent to look up to see the ball. The sun’s rays can dazzle the eyes and interfere with concentration when shooting.

3. Your Opponent Is Not Good With Overhead Shots

Lob shot Overhead can be tricky for novice players. An overhead hit means hitting behind the back with a quick reflex. It takes special training and a stable body condition to do this shot.

Overhead shots can be a counter for pickleball lob shots. Especially if the shot has enough power to get the ball back in position. Opponents who are not good at shooting overhead shots are easy targets for lob shots.

How To Do Offensive Lob Shots Correctly

After knowing the conditions that open up your opportunity to lob, now is the time for you to practice it. Doing an offensive lob shot is pretty easy but you need to do it right.

Most pickleball players come to the front of the non-volley line to pick up the ball and make an accidental dink shot. This is an advantageous thing to do for offensive lob shots.

If in this position you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Pay close attention to the time. You must know when to do a lob pickleball properly so as not to harm you.
  • Hold the paddle relaxed in a position ready to hit a backhand.
  • Be in a low position with bent knees.
  • Lift the ball by swinging your arms.
  • Don’t let your opponent read your point. Make moves quickly and unpredictably.

There are a number of mistakes that can occur if you lob the wrong shot. Some of them

  • You hit too hard when there is a lot of wind. This error occurs if you are playing outdoors where the wind is blowing toward the opponent’s court. Wind can push the ball far back.
  • Lob too often when you have the chance. You should not lob too much when you have used it a lot. Opponents will easily read your game.
  • Make shots at key points. If you enter a tournament and are not very good at lobbying, you should not use it at crucial points. Opponents can turn things around easily.

If you have lobbed correctly and avoided the points above, you must immediately stand up and prepare your stance for the next shot. A less-than-perfect lob makes you have to be prepared if your opponent returns a difficult ball.

You also shouldn’t get your hopes up for points with an offensive pickleball lob. Because basically offensive lob shots sometimes aim to buy time and avoid the opponent from making quick and hard shots.

Another tip is to make sure you combine lob shots with fast drive shots. This will add variety to your game and not be easily guessed by opponents.

How To Defend From Pickleball Lob Shot

Lobs can be very annoying but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight them. If you are in a defensive position, you need to know the intent of the opponent whether he is making an offensive or defensive lob shot. This will make it easier for you to make the next decision.

If you’re not an expert on how to survive lob shots, we’ll give you some professional tips:

  • Instead of holding your head up when the ball goes over your head, you should run to the point where the ball will fall. Position your feet well and do not cross so as not to fall. This will prevent you from a neck injury.
  • You have a choice if you can reach the ball, which is to do a defensive lob again so you have enough time to improve your position. Or it can strike back if the opponent’s lob shot is not perfect. Whatever your choice, always try to make it difficult for your opponent. Points can come from unexpected hits.
  • Make sure to return to a comfortable position. Some people will stay in place too long after making a great shot. It’s best to avoid this to anticipate the opponent making a blow that makes it difficult for you.

After you know the tips above, you can practice how to survive lob shots. For your own defensive lobs, you can do when you collide with a rally and your opponent makes a shot that you may find difficult to return to NVZ. A defensive lob will help you buy time.

That’s a brief explanation of lob shots in pickleball games. We hope this adds to your knowledge. It takes a little extra practice to become proficient in both offensive and defensive lob shots. But if you are good at it, you will play many variations of the game more effectively.

Conclusion On

A lob shot pickleball is an upward shot that goes behind the non-volley zone. It can aim to attack or defend. Lob shots can help you to add points but also serve to buy time to keep you in the game. It takes extra practice and over and over again so you can master this shooting technique. But it will be very useful for you to become a professional pickleball player.

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