Best Pickleball Communities? TOP 10 US Cities For Pickleball

Pickleball is a new sport that is gaining popularity in America. Data shows that nearly 4 million active players across America play this sport. Even so, this number is spread throughout the American districts. This is due to the universality of pickleball as a sport that can be played by all ages and groups. We will explain to you some of the cities with the most popular pickleball player percentages according to player data and also field availability. So, If you can guess, where is pickleball most popular in the world?

Best Pickleball Communities? TOP 10 US Cities For Pickleball

Top 10 Most Popular Cities To Play Good Pickleball In The United States (Based on Number of Courts per 20.000 residents)

What would you guess when you searched for America’s most popular developing sport? Maybe the pickleball game is not on your list, but in fact, pickleball is rising to become one of the sports with the highest number of new fans. One of the reasons make it is so popular is the pickleball fun games.


Pickleball in America has grown tremendously over the last few years. Many factors affect each state such as field availability, the best pickleball communities, the weather, and local government and service support.

The love of the American people for this new sport should also be appreciated. They like sports that are simple and can be played by those who like light sports, even old people playing pickleball or people with disabilities playing pickleball in a wheelchair. We have collected data on where the sport of pickleball is widely played. As a result, there are several cities that we think are central and where pickleball arenas and communities can be found easily.

Seattle, Washington

pickleball played for the first time

We place Seattle because of its honor as the place where is pickleball played for the first time. Precisely in a town called Bainbridge Island in West Washington. There are at least 3 pickleball fields per 20,000 residents inhabiting this district. In 2020 Seattle is the region with the highest number of pickleball fans in America.

St Paul, Minnesota

The cold, snowy weather might make you think that the best place in Minnesota to play pickleball is indoors. But in fact, if you visit the twin cities of Saint Paul, you will find many parks and outdoor playing fields to play pickleball.

Many tennis courts have now been converted into pickleball courts in addition to the newly built main courts such as the Bloomington, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, and Woodbury Pickleball Clubs. The data records that there are at least 2.6 fields for every 20,000 residents. In addition, the residents of Saint Paul have more enthusiasm to play pickleball in the cold weather.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Are you planning a vacation to a tropical beach with pickleball entertainment? Maybe going to Honolulu, Hawaii can be an option for you. In addition to having beautiful beaches, Hawaii also has many tennis and oil courts that have been converted into Pickleball arenas.

This is supported by the local authority of the Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation which is working seriously on the sport of pickleball. You will also find a website titled the Honolulu Pickleball Association to find information about pickleball in Hawaii. There are at least 2.5 fields for every 20,0000 residents in Hawaii.

Madison, Wisconsin

The history of the development of pickleball in Madison began with 2 players who helped Madison’s Parks and Recreation Department to open a tennis court into a pickleball arena in 2016. Unexpectedly, the game of pickleball developed quite rapidly there. There are currently hundreds of outdoor and indoor arenas in Madison with a ratio of 2.2 courts for every 20,000 residents.

Columbus, Ohio

pickleball court in columbus, ohio
Pickleball Island, Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the capital and also the most populous area in the Ohio region. Likewise, pickleball enthusiasts here increase many times every year. Columbus Recreations and Parks records that there are at least 2.7 fields for every 20,000 residents. This number is at least increasing continuously as support for pickleball increases from local authorities.

You’ll find PDF articles on guidelines and information on pickleball in Columbus specifically from the government. This certainly shows their seriousness in developing this sport. If you are a player who wants to develop talent seriously, Columbus is the right city choice.

Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa has become a very popular pickleball area. This is also supported by the availability of stable fields thanks to the support of the government and investors. The number of fields itself is at a ratio of 2.9 per 20,000 population with the number increasing every time.

During its years of development, professional pickleball courts have been developed in churches as well as gyms. The development of this sport is also accompanied by the people’s love for the sport of pickleball.

St. Petersburg, Florida

Thanks to the United States Open Pickleball championship, the sport of pickleball has become increasingly popular in Florida. With the hot weather, playing pickleball in Florida would be more suitable outdoors.

pickleball event in florida

This sport continues to increase throughout the years the fans, both adults and young people. Yet communities of near-twilight and retirees across America.

Chesapeake, Virginia

The Super Pickleball tournaments hosted by Deep Creek Community Center and the River Crest Community are a testament to how pickleball in Virginia has grown tremendously. They have also provided an official website for you to find information about pickleball resources.

There are many indoor and outdoor courts available. there are at least 2.2 pitches per 20,000 people.

Boise, Idaho

The city of Boise in Idaho has 1.7 pickleball fields for every 20,000 residents. Just like other cities that have developed this sport, local authorities have also developed a special site for information about pickleball.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Besides Columbus, another Ohio city that is a popular location for playing pickleball is Cincinnati. Although American Football is still the most popular sport, pickleball fans have grown significantly. The annual pickleball tournament is also always held in Cincinnati if you want a professional career.

Those were the 10 most popular cities for playing pickleball. Almost all of the places above have strong foundations such as government encouragement and field availability. If you don’t agree with the list above, let us know what you think.

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Pickleball at least has grown rapidly, especially in America. This sport has an official organization that regulates it and has developed into a professional sport. Several cities in America can be a benchmark for how far pickleball has progressed and how the promotion of the sport originally came from the United States.

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